Street Fighter: Duel Gameplay by Tencent and Capcom Mobile

The first five minutes of Tencent’s upcoming Street Fighter: Duel for the Mobile device captured on PC. From what I experienced, this seems like it’s going to be a Hero collect, farm gear, repeat stages, and collect stuff kind of game. Would you like to see a Global release or not?

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  1. Azz-Rushman

    The game doesn't seem to have such a bad gameplay value. Seems kinda fun for a mobile hero collect.

  2. visalog mu

    stupid gamplay

  3. TuneyLoonTTV

    street fighter pre-alpha :3

  4. Eldric Wong

    Tencent games focus on your cash

  5. Alexandre Braga

    Just another auto game with absurd P2W packs.

  6. john15399

    the animations look so good here

  7. pugz22

    We need a release date

  8. ExCharny

    Okay, I hate it but those M Bison cutscenes are slick

  9. President Majima S. Based

    Tencent. Yeah not happening.

  10. Bull Mary

    Chinese mobile games is no no for me especially Tencent.

  11. fatjoe460

    Actually looking forward to this when i first saw this a while back. Going to be a pain signing up to play this.

  12. Raydenf1

    I like it that they choose the sf4 game to build upon gonna play this forsure when it ever releases global

  13. Giken

    Thanks for the video, been watching you for years. I'm a street fighter fan so I will check it out.

  14. Shiro Sora

    this actually looks great i'll be looking forward to oni ryu and oni akuma

  15. Roger

    They need to stop wrecking the SF brand with all these outsourcing. It's bad enough to outsource to Western developers like in the past. The worse thing to do is outsourcing to China! I guarantee you that this is going to go the way of that dumb Puzzle Fighter mobile game within a year!

  16. ׂ

    Of course it's completely auto gameplay, thanks Tencent. You have to be either an infant or mentally handicapped to unironically enjoy this kind of a game.

  17. Ballista


  18. Whitney Asante

    Part of me wouldn't mind a fun time waster on mobile but from Tencent and seeing all the mobile guffins they want to monetize this game with irks me. Can we just get the Flappy Fighter Dev to make an official Street Fighter game for Mobile?

  19. Anthonygamer

    Did they take audio clips from street fighter 4? WTF?

  20. Kujo Bayne

    Besides the nice art, the UI looks straight out of Persona 5

  21. modology

    the drawings is hundred times better than the Udon's comic street fighter

  22. MatchStickKilla

    Is nobody going to mention that the effect after Bison uses his Ultra @1:16 is the same effect used for Waldsteins IWEX?

  23. owlflame

    I mean… I'd try it? IDk… I didn't love Teppen.

  24. Crasharino

    I love street fighter, but this is just a pure lazy cash grab. The only thing it has going for it is a decent art style, the sounds (at least the character voices when doing moves) are all from SF4, the gameplay is just all auto outside of the 1 button per character you get to tap once per x seconds that leads into a second button…there's literally no engaging gameplay at all, I can't figure out anyone that would willingly sit there and play something like this over literally any other game.

  25. CRAb

    Tencent huh? Yeah, no.

  26. Deathbysound

    I am actually very interested for a global release.

  27. -Dekoi-

    When is the release for the rest of the world?

  28. ストライフ

    I played this close beta and king of fighters all stars, honestly speaking kofas gameplay and graphic is a lot better than this sf…

    . Even though I'm a SF fan myself

  29. Akhil

    Controls sucks .. we need classic controls nd gameplay

  30. Kagura Lion

    Looks like a fun mobile game to play i really hope it gets translated to english.

  31. Akira Yang

    I like how Juri speaks chinese and then does her move while saying the lines after in Japanese XDD

  32. greenDagamer

    How to get a qq account ?

  33. Retro_WrathX13B

    This is the mobile game with the damn good urban Character designs? The fuck happened?

  34. Trick Stur

    I thought he'll turn into Evil Ryu when he knelt

  35. Xizziano

    It is not a “gane” if it plays itself. These apps are so stupid

  36. Nope Naw

    Ew, Tencent..

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