Steparu’s Computer Specs 2013

CPU: i7 3770k OC’ed to 4.2GHZ (Air Cooled)
GPU: GTX Titan
RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz
HD1: 500GB SSD
HD2: 1TB HD 10,000 RPM (For Fraps)

Compact Tower: 14 inch height 5 inches width

Everything is Air cooled, I have never used water cooling in my life. :3

Previous PC Specs 2011-2012

CPU: i7 860 OC’ed to 3.8-4.0ghz (Air Cooled)
RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz
HD1: 500GB HD 10,000 RPM
HD2: 1TB HD 10,000 RPM (For Fraps)

Even with an outdated CPU I was able to create good stuff XD.

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  1. Choco VaNeaLa

    Oh my. K well time to find some jobs haha. Would it exceed 5k? approximately speaking haha

  2. Choco VaNeaLa

    Ohhh thanks for the suggestions!!

  3. Cyro-Nydd

    Good to know, thank your for sharing Steparu!

  4. MasterZedX

    GTX Titan was probably just to be future proof right? because i pretty much have the same PC as you but a GTX 670 ftw =o

  5. MasterZedX

    You can check my page to see it! =o

  6. Kaoru Sugimura

    Have you tried MSI afterburner step? I'm not really one to record but it seems to run better than fraps (taking away less frames while you game and record)

  7. Dennis el Azul

    Can you put the price of the computers? Or even the price of the components, I am interested, to compare prices when I has to buy a new computer.

  8. Kaoru Sugimura

    Give it a try. MSI afterburner will run smoother than fraps and you probably won't go back lol Record a video with it and see how it does for you gl Cx

  9. Duo

    As long as you aren't BSODing after a few hours of play then you're good. I'm not familiar with the safe overclocking for ivy bridge, only sandy.

  10. Pabloey

    How much did your computer cost? I want to know because I really want to play Blade and Soul + Phantasy Star Online 2 when they come out, but my laptop will not be able to run. I want a base price. Please! Love your videos!

  11. ian hawthorne

    really cool steparu dude wish i was you

  12. iGamerSoul

    all i know is that the "GPU: GTX Titan" is already $1000. lol
    but just for Blade & Soul and Phantasy Star Online 2, the GTX Titan is pretty overkill.

  13. Ming Le

    Whoa, 500GB SSD O.O

  14. aeroforce2202

    sorry to be asking such a stupid question on here, espetially since your a gaming news channel not a gaming tech channel, but anyway. ive always been interested in overclocking but dont know anyone personally who has done it, and you seem to have experience with doing it currently and in the past. would you ever considor uploading a video on how to overclock your components safely and keep them safely working without overheating or causing problems? id really appreciate it

  15. aeroforce2202

    well thank you than

  16. Alejandro Neave

    i have a question even though i asked you a question how before but how many GB blade and soul takes and does it have a fair amount of time to level up so that the game last id be very grateful for you to answer and thanks for taking the time to read this

  17. sportsngame

    do you think it is wise to upgrade gtx780 to to titan? since the asus g750jh is coming out.

  18. epicwarding

    some GTX 780's are faster by factory overclock than reference titan , and , far as i know , only 4 of em are faster than GTX 780 if you compare Overclocked vs overclocked , Asus DirectCU II OC , EVGA Classfied with ACX Cooler , and Galaxy (KFA2) Hall of fame edition, and MSI Lighting, those 3 are the fastest GTX 780's , and they are faster than Titan , regardless u compare their stock vs titans stock , or their oc to titans oc

  19. epicwarding

    another thing i want to point out is that even thou 780 has 3gb , and titan 6gb of gddr5 , u wont never use it all , Even most demanding games like Metro last light and crysis 3 , on 5760×1080 triple monitor setup wont be useing 3gb of the 780's memory , its gona take long untill games gona need more than 3gb of memory even on triple monitor setup , not to mention of single monitor setup

    i pre-oredered the asus directcu ii oc edition today , its the only one with backplate from factory

  20. Hyperion

    sweet nectar of the Gods! did the gods on olympus made your rig? its a freaking titan rig. D: *drools*

    Question tho:

    will a GTX 770 be able to max out the settings in BnS and a stable FPS from 50-60?
    im planning on getting 1 this september. oh yeah when you record your gameplay in max settings whats the FPS you getting? :D ty in advance.

  21. sportsngame

    yo alright.thanks.

  22. Hyperion

    TY for replying so fast Step! :D now im very eager to play the CN version when it opens.
    just 1 last thing. i want to run the game with the same settings ingame as you in your KR BnS. did you like force AA or any other graphics enhancing tweaking in your card via 3rd party AA tools for nvidia cards or you just really running the game's graphic settings at max with no 3rd party tools or whatsoever. :D <3 and love all your vids i always watch all your new BnS upload videos.

  23. TheNuttyHazelnut

    Hey =) I'm a pretty casual player but I'm interested in playing Blade and Soul when the english version comes out… But I'm not sure if my laptop will be too laggy.

    Laptop model: Asus k46c
    Graphics card: Nvdia geforce GT 635M (2gb)
    Processor: Intel core i5-3317U, 1.78hz
    OS: Windows 8

    Hope I can enjoy games like Blade and Soul and Wildstar on my laptop… what do you think?

  24. MadPropzBaller

    If you OC the 780 it's actually faster than the Titan.

  25. MadPropzBaller

    Steparu, what's your fps in this without fraps? Are you always on 60+fps in all mmo's?

  26. Nulak

    If you want enjoy this game, you should really start think building a new rig. Check some website around, i think a 500 — 600$ can run it fine (not maxed).

    Don't buy a laptop anymore for gaming, its a waste of money even if you're a casual gamer.
    Ur proc is set at 2,6ghz on full charge.
    You can maybe run BnS on native resolution at 30 — 40 fps on medium setting but not more, also with more than 10 mobs/ npcs around, the framerate will die.
    Even if BnS is well optimized compare to other game.

  27. jeremy burnett

    what do you use for air cooling o-o

  28. Javd Video Juegos y Tutoriales Panama

    step what PSU you use?

  29. Sorkary

    Hou much exactly does the computer cost? It's just for reference, I'm thinking of creating my own gaming pc since my laptop is getting old.

  30. J Jones

    Thank you

  31. Dee P.V

    T___T''   I want  >,<''

  32. 陈昱

    rly want this cutie's charactercustomize,thank you so much!

  33. Casper Leitner

    Haha i downloaded blade and soul but i only could play the first 30 min and online the frames were 10 xd time for a new graphics card >_<

  34. not kyle!

    is this video still relevant in information, or did you upgrade?

  35. Gianpiere Salcedo

    Hello, i like the quality of your videos. What software are you using to record and rendering?. Also what bitrate and codes u use for video conversion before to upload to Youtube?.

    I want to do videos too with a great quality as you.


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