Steparu PC Specs 2017 — FFXIV Stormblood Benchmark

My latest PC Spec. I haven’t upgraded my CPU in years.
You can see my PC Specs on screen or FULL Version BELOW.
I also posted other info on programs and encoding stuff.

Benchmark Download — Character Customization

CPU: i7 3770k OC’ed to 4.2GHZ (Air Cooled)
RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz
HD1: 500GB SSD
HD2: 1TB SSD (Recording and Encoding HD)
Mouse KB Headphones: Corsairs

Video Recording Software
Nvidia Shadowplay
Recorded in Either 4k Resolution or 1440P

Other Software Used
Adobe Media Premiere for Editing
Adobe Media Encoder for Queueing Videos
Adobe Photoshop for Website and Thumbnails

Adobe Premiere Export Settings
Resolution — 2560×1440
Frame Rate — 59.94
Field Order — Progressive
Aspect — Square Pixels 1.0
TV Standard — NTSC
Profile — High
Level — 5.1
VBR — 1 Pass
Target Bitrate — 20
Max Bitrate — 26

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  1. CanduGame

    must pay for play this game

  2. Jonatas Nogueira

    Now show us your house you damn cat!

  3. Nafis Hazwan

    roses are red . sterparu i love u

  4. Radical Fence Sitting

    Wow, Steppo doesn't even have 128GB of RAM, what a a nerd

  5. Amiiix

    anyone know the theme playing at 1:10 ?

  6. Poi Poi

    Finally! Steparu' pc spec <3 btw i had a weird dream, you do the mmorpg review and talk about it… And your voice is supercute (girl) e.e

  7. Misa

    Love seeing the differences people get. I wish the game played as smoothly as the benchmark makes it look like. I'll prolly resub just to see the story and level RDM.

    For grins I did 3 runs: 1080 max settings (14727), 4k max settings (6792) and my standard settings — 4k with aa turned down to 4x and Ambient Occlusion lowered to strong (8339). 50ish FPS is playable but not where i'd prefer.
    [email protected] 1080 and 32gb ddr4. Both CPU and GPU are water cooled.

  8. 1alucarD

    Если тут есть русские, то скажите,, в FFXIV много русских игроков???

  9. Zil

    Can you please tell me what is your mother board ?

  10. Aria E.

    can we swim finally?

  11. Lexheart Gaming

    so glad to see that you are still using the i7-3770k from the early benchmark to this current one (haven't changed mine either) but curious what your cpu cooler is since it's air (noctua?)

  12. Pocky Styx

    RDM will be my new main

    fancy hat for life~

    can't wait to die of old age in the DPS ques!

  13. tetsmega

    Can we get your mobo and more detailed ram specs? Like the brand and stuff? Just curious

  14. Steve Phrasavath

    Alright & thanks!

  15. Zeemay

    is this a new dlc or entirely new game?

  16. K--Phase

    Steparu, do you think that the 16GB DDR3 are good? I mean, would you recommend me to change to DDR4? Cause I would need to change my motherboard for that.

  17. DemOldDayz

    man I miss the feel of a guild lol

  18. Romberg100 Rom

    the combat always felt off to me in this game.. too slow in a way did they fix that ? because here it looks smoother and faster then what it was when I played it back in 2k16

  19. Atikur Rahman

    I quit a while ago since many of my friends left…. RDM does interest me but I can't see myself playing again to the full extent I was able to in the past with work etc….. Shame really, I did enjoy many parts of the game.

  20. eKross

    I wish all relevant content wasn't locked behind a million quests. I got burned out of this game just from questing.

  21. Nycro

    Well it doesnt look good at all. Also the AA is pretty shit.

  22. Scellow Dev

    Boring questing, slow combat, bad map navigation, shit story, a generic asian mmo, over-rated

    Don't waste your money, if you want modern and refreshing MMO play GuildWars 2

  23. Ferrick

    wow, and i only got 7k at max spec .-. but its a gaming laptop, so eh

  24. Mortally Challenged

    5:24 as a blm main that made me orgasm. Was that Demi?!

  25. MoonCrossWarrior

    I wonder if SE will add in Kefka and his Monument in the future update as they did with the cloud of darkness? I really want to see them in this game. :P

  26. Kevin Ngo

    shid @6:03 I thought she was gonna say EXCALIBURRRRR

  27. Kevin Ngo

    also I've never realized yojimbo's dog was that big o_o!!

  28. Science Leponi

    Oh wow you really haven't upgraded in a while D= and I finally built a pc stonger than yours! Only took 4 years ><

  29. Kianfox

    Wow this game is beautiful

  30. MakoRuu

    Damn, I miss Final Fantasy…

    I need a rich benefactor to buy me crysta. lol

  31. Tsun Dere

    Steparu, are there any promising Korean MMO for PC like Tera on the horizon?

  32. Dramacar

    mine 3770k + gtx1070 + 16gb + 240gb ssd

  33. Blues BX

    WUT!? i beat steparu? my score was 15000 :O

  34. Noire

    your pc still good for games, if you ever think you have a problem in games, might be the cpu. But still solid. I play at 1440p too, looks soo much better over 1080p

  35. No Body

    ITS OVER 9000

  36. appv12

    5:56 That face… lol. Not even interested.

  37. TissPlays

    rate up: your video for showcasing; rate down: ffxiv for the best singleplayer mmo ever, for not comparing to ffxi in the slightest, for being a basic gear stat upgrade +1 game every update, for being the best eye candy game ever and lacking any depth typical FF game since… YES that one (ffxi+). Seriously tho any ffxi player laughs at FFXIV, or pukes after having a seizure.

  38. moosecat00

    Let's talk about you giving up your Lala to play a filthy Benedict Cucumber. Race Traitor!

  39. Nunu

    I got 7500 at the end on a decent PC. Games not all that demanding' especially when all you do
    is pop in and out tiny dungeons and stand in one hub city end-game. :^)

  40. Aldor PeaceKeeper

    why did you wear that armor tho, there's alot of higher level gear to choose from lol

  41. Shinigami Laura

    3:08 Kiso clan

  42. Hikaru

    Love FF!!

  43. sidharth alva

    Hey, Thanks for all your videos, really appreciate the detail and hard work. Would it be okay if you mentioned your monitor and PC cabinet setup as well? Thanks again.

  44. falclao

    I should have bought the 3770k in 2014, but I was noob and thought that an i5-4670 was better because of its gen

  45. Ian

    Eh 3770k is probably holding that 1080 back lol. Unless it's crazy OCed.

  46. Amoonia

    You don't play lala?!

  47. Sam Sithykun

    what is the name of ur SSD please?

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