Steal Fighter Online Playable Characters & Mini Customization

Steal Fighter Online Review

Developer: L.Time Games
Publisher: Gravity / GnJoy Korea
Game Site:

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Комментариев: 12
  1. Mad Mario

    I love you Steparu, you are the best

  2. Setonex

    Ther all ways must be loli char in every game, pedobear in me is very happy!

  3. gandalfx77

    any clue when it will be released in europe?

  4. Primu

    Loli with huge hammer, cute !

  5. Michael Freeman

    Keep em coming step

  6. Verixl

    What do you record with?

  7. Kwekling

    is steal fighter? isn't it steel fighter?

  8. GamePasifikRU

    Прикольная игруха. @[email protected]

  9. Arcady

    Looks like a cool game. Thanks Step!

  10. abbynady

    pls make this game moba

  11. Locki

    Gender lock . . .

  12. Tactical Raper

    Street Fighter, Extream Fanservice Edition.

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