SpiritWish CBT New Characters, Raiding, and Party Gameplay

A preview of the new characters I got from quests, gacha, and market.
I will upload other female characters next along with other contents.
https://spiritwish.nexon.com/ — KR Closed Beta — Mobile MMORPG

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  1. Nathaniel Owusu

    1st :)

  2. Sousuke Aizen

    tree of savior art

  3. sune chan

    sadly of this game is when you trying evol your weapon make sure used magma stone from raid or shop or the bad result u get weapon with random option

  4. Shokudaikiri Mitsutada 侍

    RIP ToS mobile…

  5. 9BeastKing

    if this game comes out in english, ill try it.

  6. Whats it Play?

    I keep seeing all the cool looking mobil games like once or twice and never hear about it again….it's so annoying

  7. Chiasa Takahashi

    Looks like ToS O.O

  8. Randall Thornsberry

    I wondered if there's a Factions to these new characters you collected?

  9. Jhonny Fernandes

    Do you have the latest APK?

  10. Floyd Dominique

    please make a gacha pull video step, with maybe 10+ big pulls :D

  11. MrPRInce

    Good Morning Stepy.

  12. Milk Candy

    how are you playing this with decent resolution?

  13. Ansem M

    Where can u get new characters?

  14. Zu

    Nexon + Gacha system. too bad it looks great and all.

  15. Financial Freedom Fighter

    APK please anyone? I want to play this even in Korean texts……Spiritwish is nowhere to be found in Korean Playstore I've tried.

  16. Hakuna Matata

    Looks so cute!! 😍 It could be really an interesting stuff for Switch 🤔 ✨…

  17. hovsep56

    too bad the game plays for you

  18. K

    the naver page banner has locke from ff6 in it lul

  19. l-l

    Omg, TOS in 60 FPS <3

  20. Aku Hokky

    granado espada gameplay bring me back to 2010 and ToS art remembering me to 2015. must try it.

  21. Ricardo

    granado espada with tree of savior

  22. Schach Kameel

    Even the side-scrolling part looks cool.

  23. Jun Aoi

    Shield Daddy

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