SpiritWish CBT Baebarian and Loli Viking Gameplay

Freeing up some recording space, so I edited this out of my SSD~!
In other news, the Tree of Savior Mobile Remake site is gone now.
https://spiritwish.nexon.com/ — KR Closed Beta — Mobile MMORPG

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  1. Pedro Pk


  2. Cronodougメガ

    After the "failure" of ToS, I thought that I would not see this artistic style again.

  3. Mamypoko

    The bgm sounds similar until i read the description. Now i know what is it from 😂

  4. Mark Tsundoku Pasha

    When will this be available?

  5. Ong's Jukebox

    Baeberian and loli viking can pillage me all they want. Ahaa~~

  6. Kirosuu

    it even got sidescroll? nice
    new granado espada look promising

  7. Kagura Lion

    really hope we get this in north america i loved the game im super down to play this and loli viking looks awesome.

  8. Domonic Ramos

    I have the PC game but never play it. Lol

  9. StrayBoya ?

    ToS mobile?

  10. Raining Fantasies

    Korean mobile games are getting way better

  11. sune chan

    So they do cbt again?

  12. kaeyocchi

    I want that Husky Express comes back :( It was a beautiful game

  13. LoneDeathWolf

    Is this another Gravity game that will take a long ass time to complete development or never be finished at all? Kinda fed up over how they fucked Ragnarok online up.

  14. Muphet


  15. Oemah Kucing

    the UI looks very underwhelming imo..

  16. Hakuna Matata

    Hmm looks cute but just a doubt, is it possible disable damage values on the screen?? 🤔 They saturate too much in my opinion 🤨…

  17. samueltan8512

    Haven’t have global release date yet?

  18. Bai Lianhua

    the #treeofsavior really hit home :'(

  19. Jorge Lopez

    Can you give us the app link? Thx

  20. Ardidigital


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