SoulWorker Stella Adventures vs Albel and Noah

Decided to play my Stella instead of Iris for a change.
My friend fed me new items and carried me in PT Extreme Noah. — Game Site -Anime MORPG

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Комментариев: 17
  1. Tri Doan

    Still waiting for NA Q.Q

  2. Zero

    plz don't let think one be like kritika, like it's so old we lost hype at least for me….

  3. mexicano SR

    que game é esse ?

  4. Janey Cara

    what is game name?

  5. Reyleigh Trinidad

    Please Add me :D Soul workers

  6. Passion

    Step, is there any way to mute character voices .-. ?

  7. chuck

    I'm a simple man, I see loli I press like

  8. R. Reuter


  9. .Patchi_

    @Steparu is the jp version ip blocked in game as well? coz the website is and i dont think i could play it with vpn…

  10. Godleene

    lol im sorry but the start was depressing af

  11. Eousa RG

    lol krulll

  12. Winturd

    The one on the left at the beginning looks like chino kafuu

  13. ScyteZ

    Just the intro is worth 1 million views !! Cmon !! u.u

    Thank you Steparu-senpai! ^^

  14. SeeMe InYourDream


  15. Lester B.

    Three Stella's dancing… and one of them made a Chino Kafuu. thumbs up

  16. しろ愛

    Looks like the boss in ape escape 2 and 1 xD

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