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  1. poop pooperson


  2. Gabe The Dog

    not first :D

  3. +IronFist+

    Lol still 1080p and 720p for the res.

  4. AvenMai

    "We been working hard on Soulworker for a while now and we have exciting news for you on upcoming months" — Gameforge 2017.April

    Meanwhile Japan makes a mobile version and fans finishing up their own translation…

  5. Chiya _Deviluke

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh :@

  6. Diablue

    I'm sick of waiting this game to come EU . Just translate it ! Don't make a new mobile game :((

  7. lolカップ

    wuuuww !! btw where is Iris yuma _? :@

  8. wryed

    so theyre gonna make a mobile game but not localize it? okay

  9. Naruto Hokage

    can we play it in iOS ?

  10. Frederika Tesla

    Well, I hope that at least the mobile version comes to South America someday, since the PC version by Gameforge will not be avaliable in South América

  11. stop, get some help

    im happy

  12. Rifai Afin


  13. Glasses guy

    Wew wonder how a mobile game of this will turn out.

  14. f u

    how do i get the beta

  15. Frsty

    we're gonna launch it from our browser. lol

  16. Septian Kaliyandalam

    a… chinese with japan cv… again?!

  17. tjohan

    Finally will come to mobile.. but maybe its still a long road for ios

  18. EnvoyHades

    will you post intructions on how to enter the beta once it launches for mobile?

  19. Rιмυяυ Ƭємρєѕт

    XD how many decades will we wait I wonder

  20. Agile

    Wait, did they change the VAs?

  21. Elmox222

    At this point I'm just happy Soul Worker is getting some type of news.

  22. Kucing terbang

    on mobile?

  23. cyril Yukiki


  24. Hyperion

    should've been a mobile game from the start imo.

  25. Augosyx

    So they have on PC and mobile and we still haven't got our Western release?! D:

  26. 해파리맛사과

    PC버전에서 저조한 성적을 낸 작품은 역시 모바일판 게임을 낸다.

  27. migero

    say Login Screen show amv f u

  28. GreedC

    Soul worker in chinese?? Originally was supposed to be a korean game then its turned japanese and now its gonna turn chinese in mobile? When will it be in english?

  29. HiMe

    Surprisingly, I had no lag playing Soulworker with a VPN, I thought it was impossible. For everyone eager to play this game, just use a VPN, there are english translator patches as well which got me through the content.

  30. Ashinror Watching

    Is it weird that I get a Rusty Hearts vibe from the music? Like the pain/loss/suffering/depressing vibe?

  31. 單推朝霧晴[偽]


  32. ai i

    I just hope it's a legit mobile MMO and not a spin off card game like blade and soul mobile is.

  33. Ultimate

    Soul Eater or God Eater sidestory

  34. Diablue

    Why I cant Login

  35. Azurenaught

    Was downloading JP ver of this in pc and then oh my god, already mobile ver? Damn!

  36. norvasc노바스크

    이거 원래 한국산 게임으로 알고있는데…모바일버전도 있네요 모바일버전은 한국제작이 아닌가요?

  37. Lethal Wolf

    is there an actual anime for this?

  38. Tyrant Darkiuz

    @Steparu Please post the latest update. They said you need to DL the latest version

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