SoulWorker Mobile Gameplay 異次元行者: 覺醒 / The Soul Keeper: Awakening

The mobile version of SoulWorker is finally out if you want to try~!
It doesn’t seem all that interesting after I tested the game for a bit.
Download links below. A VIP system is also present which I loathe.

Google Play:
App Store:

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Комментариев: 33
  1. ChriStopHer

    No loli char tho in mobile.

  2. world away

    Soulworker intro music make me high

  3. Ustrel

    Enough is enough,
    wtf? stop making mobile games ffs.

  4. 송풍

    뭔가어색해 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. Wakeshimutanemahazunakunamatittenopan

    "this Game isnt available in your country"
    I knew QooApp will be useful one day

  6. 「Nexro宮水」

    I’m deadass making a haru :D

  7. KazuHiko

    no stella? i aint playing this shit

  8. Koharu_2022

    I cant get it bam English app store

  9. Kim Jae keyoung

    fxxk you china

    taiwan No.1
    chun an moon dead

  10. Lemonzify

    Nice thumbnail xd

  11. Mikoto Koyuki

    No english version?

  12. Marcogoodboy

    10 fps

  13. hk usp compact

    와 씨발 한국발매 언제일지 궁금하네

  14. KA MA

    우와 우리나라꺼랑 퀄이 다르네

  15. 낫휴

    모바일 소워임??

  16. 쉿 아저씨

    published by china
    made by korea
    and japanese voice

  17. Fruitjuice

    Uhm…were all the girls have been always busty like the thumbnail? I thought only the black hair red eyes character had bigger BOBS

  18. Dread Wolf

    Omg the same game

  19. Hippo World

    zapewne na europie nie bedzie dostepny?? bo nie moge go znalesc

  20. 율무

    PC 최적화나좀…

  21. Rifleman Wilq

    Can I play it on both PC and phone with the same account? I think no

  22. Rifleman Wilq

    Bikini clickbait

  23. Rifleman Wilq

    And. If there is same Soundtrack, characters and equipment, why the name is different?

  24. 空瓶

    Character's voice acting is in Japanese while its skill voices are in Korean and text is in Chinese… SO WEIRD

  25. Tomathy 44

    So much lolis

  26. 하림


  27. Edreen Pasang

    Need english global version

  28. 크리

    분명 괜찮은겜인데 국산답게 높은 글카로 해도 렉 발생해서 다 떠나간 게임 씹망겜

  29. 크리

    시세 ㅈ같은건 덤

  30. 크리

    ? 잠만 모바일?? 모바일이라고? 씨발 미뗬네?

  31. 청우

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 미친놈들 ㅋㅋㅋ 이걸 고대로 빼껴만든다고? 설마 재대로 허가받아서 만든거냐?

  32. Indra Darma

    Excuse me, may i know how to get Japanese Voice in PC version?

  33. Davora

    Lol, Mobile Soul Worker looks exactly the same as PC ver.

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