Soul Dossier Gameplay Asymmetrical Multiplayer 5vs1 Max Settings

Soul Dossier Ultra Settings HD Gameplay preview showing mechanics and a list of playable characters for both survivors and ghosts. The game is okay lots of eye candy HD can be a bit clunky, I would have liked it more if the maps were darker and more spooky~! Ended up winning against a camper, lol.

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00:00 Intro
00:04 I’m Bad
01:26 Characters & Killers Preview
03:03 Gathering Energy & Capping Point to Win
04:00 Scavenging Around
06:07 What are you doing? Behind you?!?
07:00 Rescue time!~
07:45 Gathering Objectives
08:31 I Should Help~
09:00 It takes two~!
10:20 Capping-oh-wait
12:47 She’s back :(
13:59 ???
14:12 Kiteeeee emmmmm~ Juked~

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Комментариев: 39
  1. weird afters

    this is shit, it's just stock assets, notice how the UI is shit and animations are clunky

  2. Thoruツ

    IU on preview

  3. Balance Is The Only Truth

    Looks like FF13 AND Dead by Daylight

  4. LilBitter

    Isn't this just Chinese Dead by daylight? =/

  5. honeysana

    it seems like identity v but more oddly fantastical. i don’t say dbd bc i feel like the characters have more outlandish powers like in identity v, but the hunters feel similar to dbd. also it seems super clunky, i have a feeling this game won’t make it far :<

  6. ThankForMemory

    DBD April Fool Day

  7. Noja8787

    Looks fun but super janky

  8. Timm Star

    bad optimization, usless animation..

  9. Lonchi

    The visuals are good, but i think i'll stick with DbD

  10. Ichirou Takashima

    Oh come on, if China was gonna rip it off as always, at least make damn better animation.

  11. Kayla

    Reminds me of the Home Sweet Home: Survive game

  12. hovsep56

    looks really scuffed i wonder if you get scared easily by horror games.

  13. Nietzchan

    The character graphic looks really good, the concept also interesting.
    The animation and camera movement looks really clunky, like, you can't feel the 'weight' of the movement and the character, the map is also too bright and too wide, but definitely quite scary if you have to keep running from the ghost

  14. ESmith

    I have no idea what have the things in this game do.

  15. wis wis
  16. Naoth

    Perfectly fit for April fool day.

  17. Sara Valestein

    Soul Waifu gameplay

  18. Reinhard von Lohengramm

    What an amazingly original game!

  19. Sightless

    There is a lot in this game that makes me want to hard pass on it. A shame cause asian horror is really nice but poorly executed here.

  20. Hihi Art

    Copy home sweet home from thailand

  21. Mobile Players

    China battle royale games used this graphics engine too.

  22. Mortally Challenged

    Damn I was hoping this looked solid since I actually wanted a rip-off of DBD that was decent since i'm not too crazy about the actual game but love the concept.

  23. Daniel Hao

    1:49 Escaper preview.
    is this game made by China or HK ?

  24. Destifyi

    its just the beta chill

  25. Xirlio

    Oh wow, really? Home Sweet Home Survive hasn't even gotten out of early access and there's already a rip off ? hahahahahaha this is just too funny. Or have they both ripped eachother off ?! these 2 look way too similar when it comes to the map and gameplay.

  26. Nox_Atra Wendigo

    At 14:07 I lost my mind ….wtf xDDDDD I really hope this game is just a joke cuz I can't deal with that stupidness

  27. Nyanko Senpai

    anyone have stucked at logging in ?

  28. Mc Len

    crap rip off game with bobs and tets

  29. R X

    the music too scary to play….. the game need to improve

  30. Armies of Exigo

    lmao after one minute DONATE 1:26

  31. Arif Rahman

    Damn that ripoff my god.

  32. Champ Shurado

    i was planning to playand downloaded it but i checked it first on yt and suddenly watched this im like nope! my fear is over 1000000000

  33. Vincent Rayne

    like Home Sweet Home: Survive, this game has potential. The particle effects and character animations are probably the most detailed out of the current forefront 3 current asymmetrical horror games. there also seems to be a lot of items and searching which could really be added on to give that survival horror feel if the environment were made creepier. i'll keep my eye on the game. DBD is obviously the mammoth that it is but even when it started out it was probably the worst of Dossier and HSH. virtually unplayable. people forget that. Dossier and HSH are much more promising because they are out of the gates with a lot of things done right.

  34. 小夜


  35. Tiria Tycoon

    Another dead by daylight chinese edition?

  36. fortas bendras

    i dont know why but i think this game optimisation is so bad, its unplayable but if they fix it and translate everything kinda fun game

  37. Jon Jon

    cool game i cant even run it, i press play and nothing happens

  38. RPDenace

    another gem from china "claps"

  39. Noah Baker

    This game has the potential to be amazing if they treat it seriously.

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