Solidus Gameplay Trailer Releases Next Week

Nice looking game, just a heads up it comes out next week! — Simulation — Manual — No Auto — Mobile More Information

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  1. Nauya

    Looks pretty rad.

    Can't wait for it to never release in the west.

  2. Zeffu

    is this mobile game???

  3. Chu E.

    It looks like a bad Vanillaware game but even attempting that look makes it cool.

  4. Guroga Marduk

    dat ending

  5. Suua

    It comes out next week? I don't remember seeing that being stated in the naver cafe.. They're just promoting for early reservation for release :/

  6. Fiethsing

    If only they would release it in the west soon too.

  7. sasinofus

    I wanna have it

  8. Crookedman

    looks pretty SOLID haHAA

  9. RagnaXBL

    imagine koreans made console games…

  10. RageGoria

    the usual auto battle west vs east type of games but with knockbacks and guard options, i guess. Didn't appeal much to me, but an improvement's an improvement and it's good to see that they're making a change.

  11. Jarrod Salas

    The ice/crystal break sound reminds me of valkyrie profile xD

  12. Revy

    Dungeon Fighters Online x Valkyrie Profile …..

  13. 정수진
  14. M.Oskar

    will this be in english ?

  15. Oxem RPG

    Looks cool

  16. hard mode

    so its a solidus shit…

  17. TheOkThx

    It this a poor try to merge Summoners war with Dragon Blaze? Sounds good, doesn't work. Dragon blaze vastly superior to both.

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