Solidus Arise From Hell — Combat Gameplay Preview — 솔리더스 — Mobile

Currently in CBT. From the same group that made Unleashed.
No auto-play, manual blocking and skill activation.
A friend of mine gave me a key for this yesterday. — CBT — Korean — Game Site — KR Forum — Request Key Site

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Комментариев: 27
  1. Touzong Vang

    I like……  but how do I play it?

  2. orochii

    I'm getting a Dragon's crown vibe from the art alone…LOL

  3. RageGoria

    hey, we can block.
    That feature alone…. makes this game much different than the other rush mobages out there.

  4. vasilia s

    i think i saw this game months ago in YT but im not rally sure if it was this game

    all i remember it uses smooth moving sprites just like this
    it has brave frontier feels but smooth animation

  5. Reynaldiyk

    odin sphere?

  6. Ligoya

    DAT ASS !! DAMMM poor Korea, you sexual repress country, lewdness meter are off the chart because they straight up ban porn in there.
    But seriously, I want the game.

  7. Enhanced Nero

    How is the controls? do you control all 4 of them in one go or you swap one after the other. Great video Steparu Senpai!!!

  8. Renz Leo Odchigue

    T H I C C

  9. Aethelfeld

    there's no voice act, that's a little bit disappointing :(

  10. DrAl3xe

    Is there other good games that look and play like this on android ?

  11. xx1337xx


  12. Fiethsing

    Why does that loli have a plant on top of her head?
    Never mind, good video Step ^~^b

  13. Riddif Mandela

    Just why they don't localized game like this?

  14. xValsion

    you not playing granblue anymore?

  15. Xtaii

    vanillaware vibes

  16. Art Kenneth King

    looks pretty cool. the style reminds of legend of mana from ps1

  17. kdmytbm

    Twintail shield maiden, maid archer, mega-AssAssins, and cactus loli… why does real life have to be so boring?

  18. Neekodelic

    how do you sign up for these games???

  19. MrCarcise

    Game looks AWESOME sounds are way off tho lol

  20. Dmaest Grim

    Looks very nice. Wish we got some of these mobile games in English. The characters are very well-designed too.

  21. Thomas Remmers

    i want this so bad i love the graphics

  22. Suua

    You can no longer obtain a key as of 4 hours ago. Beta ends in roughly 24 hours :]

  23. Astaroth

    sigh another game that'll never come to the west.

  24. Vincent Ni

    Hey Step, do you know whether no auto-play is a design choice or do they plan on including it but its just not in yet since its cbt

  25. Goken

    Reminds me of DFO and Cross Summoners put together.

  26. daum 7388

    cbt때 유닛들 많이 비쌋었네… 명성 25000이나 먹고 ㄷㄷ

  27. 깔깔


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