Seven Knights 2 Gameplay Preview and Playable Characters

Seven Knights II Grand Opening prologue playthrough! The game just went live today and is now available for download on both the Google Play and App Store. You can also play it on PC using Nox, it didn’t work with Bluestacks.

00:00 Intro
00:03 CG Intro
01:14 Prologue Gameplay
10:42 Playable Characters

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  1. mikanju

    looks like turn based rpg but realtime autoing and 3d

  2. mikanju

    looks like turn based rpg but realtime autoing and 3d

  3. Jan Carl Perez

    Eileen lost her butt cheeks

  4. The Sword demon

    No karma 😞


    Shane: now the darkness consume you.

  6. Shubhanshu Shukla

    Plz say your device name

  7. Richard Alcala

    THIS is what i wanted genshin impact to be in solo play……you can see your whole team in all its splendor and not for brief moments to use an ult and then hidden till next ult……sigh.

  8. Djmdje difdbdjjdg DbdKsbdkc

    People who dont know much. Stay away from this game and all netmarble games. It will be better for you. 99% pay to win

  9. Imperator Adrian

    If you want to play this game now…just go and download TapTap from google browser…

  10. Orphen Kirylancello

    This game should not exists. Seven knights is too overated.. dead game indeed in the coming months. Ahaha

  11. Canal Backup de vídeos

    OMG…. how can I render a video with an image like this? if anyone knows please help me!! ty

  12. stefan resek

    and no english…

  13. Eric Peterson

    Offline or online if it's online I won't waste my time playing it

  14. Phleonie Tech Review

    We I saw Auto. my joy fades.

  15. AdzanDit DutZ

    Kapam rilisnya nih di indo

  16. ArvinCatapang

    Is it available asia?

  17. chuck

    i see "auto" i stop watching

  18. GoodJho

    I like the first one's gameplay more, for this kind of game play, I rather play genshin impact

  19. Mobile Players

    No wonder your gameplay looks so awful because Nox barely updates its emulator using Adreno 640. LD player already had and I'm waiting for 650.

  20. Chofan Wei

    Okay!? I just wanna check how 7 knights is doing then I saw there's a 2 already? 😵 and it's like genshin impact now.

  21. mesak ramngaihawma

    Can please anyone tell me how to download the in game data..i already downloaded the app but couldn't download obb,i even use vpn Korea to download in-game data but don't work..

  22. Arvin Pagadorps4

    Character delete system?

  23. Killua Zoldyck

    Badonggadonks go boing 13:04

  24. Gailen Golmei

    Bro how do I log in??

  25. KimAkhmetov

    English version ?

  26. sandy man

    Where were Jave and Kris?

  27. Renato Cardoso

    you play emulador..

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