Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest — New Japanese 3D Action RPG by Gumi (Mobile)

A new Dragon Nest with Monster Hunter like boss and crafting. More Information — Mobile — 3D Action RPG — Summer 2017

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  1. Kima Xeo


  2. Dewa Eryadi

    i hear sawashiro miyuki, i keep watching

  3. Agus Syarifuddin

    Pvp ??

  4. Ghost Cat

    Aside from the fact that this is just a spinoff of DN, the graphics just aren't worth it. No particle rendering whatsover. I doubt there's even a depth of field that would add to the atmospheric feel like it does on the original DN. But what to expect. It's a mobile game.

  5. hihelloxxxx

    Is this Japan exclusive games? geez I want to play this

  6. savier corbillon

    is this online or offline?

  7. Aldhy Sumara

    GUMI + AUTO ?? LOL good luck

  8. Reyan Ahmed

    This looks so great but I just don't like stages story mode play. Wish it was open world.

  9. Jyu Viole Grace

    That moment when your phone has better graphics than your computer.

  10. Aaru

    lol another game that it takes 12 years to release english version fck this im outta here

  11. Juan Ju

    Auto + gumi = lmao. Pass~~~

  12. Atang Lopez

    Lemme try this

  13. AIYU

    and still there is the stamina system lol. turnoff

  14. ChriStopHer

    "By Gumi" we'll see.

  15. M Dwi Kurnia Lubis

    You can all say the gameplay and graphics is nice but never trust a mobile game that's categorised as free to play. Ever. Unless you want to bath in grind 24/7 or spending hundreds of bucks for gacha bullshit.

  16. Robson Siqueira

    esses dragon nest nunca sai em ingles

  17. Sharkie swimmer

    Auto play T_T. Cheepen the experience

  18. ferdianrr

    Seems i heard the voice of yuki kaji whose dubbed warrior class

  19. Chai Ligen

    when is it out ??

  20. KUNNY

    That intro piano reminds me of that sad piano songs that plays in meme videos

  21. Jaymart

    Japanese audio 😍

  22. Sevarate

    NGL this is cool as fuck

  23. Calvin k.

    I was so hyped for this but then I saw the auto button ==

  24. Allan Martins

    Eu jogo essa porra aí só que no de pc

  25. I am Nero.

    I want english vertion.


    DN WITH MH system that cool

  27. yaa dol

    Nexon and gumi bonds

  28. RoyalBanana Gaming

    Is it Region restricted? Cause i pre register, but cant pass the third scrern

  29. Sonic exe

    wtf better then awake and pc LOL :v

  30. Lolonaa Lulu

    So many DN rip off games

  31. Trip Plays

    Lol, but actual gameplay will be tapping a screen and paying 26$ a week

  32. ForeverLoki VIOLIN


  33. Freed_juvia Freedj

    English ?

  34. Freed_juvia Freedj

    English vertion pls

  35. Josn Vargas

    Link to download?? Please any body who got it.

  36. Ads Descovey Channel

    Is there also a pvp

  37. Jerwin Bastiner

    Is there an english version for this?

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