Sdorica: Sunset Gameplay & Characters Preview HD — English Version — Mobile

Trying out Rayark’s new upcoming cute puzzle RPG! More information — Puzzle RPG — Cute — Android — iOS — CBT

Download only from (Android) (Taptap)

Can change language in options to
English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.

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  1. Mega Strix

    7:39 sighh a cat is fine too .

  2. poisonedsodapop

    This looks pretty cute, I like the look. I'm not too big on mobile games though. I might pick it up if it comes to the Switch or something.

  3. Kucing terbang

    The soundtrack is so good

  4. Michael

    this looks great i want to play it lol

  5. Jonathan

    When is this game coming out!?!?!? And Will there be a ios version? 😱

  6. Novikov_Principle

    I hope they aren't too afraid to make later combat actually challenging. That simple combat system looks like it could go places, if they so willed.

  7. Nauya

    I've never actually WANTED a mobile game like this.

    I can't wait till it's release <3

  8. Lyntz

    hi, thanks to your infos i could install it on my bluestack, but i have some visual bugs, i can't see the portrait pics of the characters, in the roster menu, anyone have this probleme ?
    Awesome game with original gameplay and fun story :)

  9. Chomusuke

    i hate this type of games -_- the games Rayark released were all good but this kinda sucks

  10. Baldoxxx4000

    I hate app games…i really hate them all, and this has the qualities of an app game

  11. Christopher Paul

    That battle music is pretty good

  12. Gerald Watson

    Rayark always has amazing music tracks

  13. strikerdx2

    catgirls with boobs. yep, i'm waiting

  14. Mr.Hoothoot

    This looks really great!

  15. Fernando Makino

    How can I change the language???

  16. Seishiro Mishima

    I thought that this was an offline game.

  17. Marcus Mattingly

    Wow! The art is gorgeous on this game!

  18. Jeffrey Chen

    Rayark? The Taiwanese company that made Cytus, Deemo, Implosion, and Mandora?

  19. LevelAsia

    When will it be released on ios T_T

  20. 김재한

    Oh, God, please hurry up. I'm waiting for my wallet to open.

  21. Han Kiat Oh

    @steparu any idea what if there is any character tier list as of now? or know which char is ssr or sr tier? haha please post more vids, and show

  22. Eli

    What are you emulating it on Steparu?

  23. Josh Gab

    New player here i just love the soundtrack and the game art!!!!

  24. Josh Gab

    So glad i stumbled on this on instagram

  25. Arc Ikbal

    is this android game or pc ?

  26. 24k Lamb

    I need a real turned based mobile game like this. There aren't any real ones u can find.

  27. Hafizudin B. Hamidin

    Online right?

  28. Fahri H.P

    Am I the only who love the battle soundtrack? xD

  29. Fahri H.P

    Gameplay 8/10
    Graphic 9/10
    Soundtrack 100/10

  30. Winston Yap

    i love this game so much xD

  31. Ceilcius

    art is definitely good, music are good as always " rayarks" , but gameplay aren't good enough , kind of boring and slow

  32. M T

    i like the artstyle

  33. Barotoseno Samudera

    What this game can auto and 2 fastest speed ?

  34. Minh Đình

    code 250 crystal :2ZWRE2MGBo7XALL sever for newbie

  35. Joseph McClaren

    Looked really awesome on the Ad I saw. This looks like garbage though xD

  36. Poop

    Is there a party system?

  37. Tuan Nguyen

    LaAzn2bcLemp add me

  38. crawd gabunas

    is this online? or offline?

  39. Eric Hernandez

    Ok WOW that panther lady

  40. Caname Miku

    2 years later and youtube just recommend me this. If only youtube recommended this from 2 years ago…

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