Sdorica: Sunset Gameplay 4K Story and Gacha Shop Preview English

Timestamps added I’m enjoying the CBT so far.
00:00 — Tica’s Story Adventures & Boss Battle.
06:19 — Changing Language to English.
06:48 — Fuse — Gacha Time!? Gimme something!
08:51 — Item Shop and Real Money Shop Preview.
09:22 — Extra Gameplay — Neenja Girl — OP Music.

Extra Links and Stuff Meow — Game Site — CBT Download — Played on PC Using BS3.

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  1. Lekser Ch.

    I love you Steparu-senpai, keep doing your vids <3

  2. ℓαdу αѕυηα

    I look forward to your gameplays !! ♥

  3. ichihaifu

    Holy shit, a mobile game that looks like it'll actually be worth playing. Although the lines seem a bit cringy in places like in most games.

  4. Dark2Zone

    the game looks amazing
    is this a signal player game or mmo ?

  5. Kaldorei

    Great video :)

  6. merru

    Still tho ..the game is a bit buggy
    where whenever you get x# amount of mats for example,
    10x of Black B soul energy …it only recognize it as 1..and only 1
    it cause a bit of problem when trying to resonate.
    Or sometimes you can attack, puzzle don't work..somehow
    (developer ..if you reading this, take note)

  7. CoRsOXY

    Looks cool! Are you enjoying it Steparu?

  8. Guroga Marduk

    dat golem trampling his own team mates!

  9. Proba One

    Thank you Steparu for telling us how to get the game.
    I'm still playing it right now and I'm still in love with the game !

  10. AceWing

    This looks good holy shit

  11. Cereals 3368

    I finished the story tho haha ,thought it will hav lot more

  12. Tywele

    I discovered this game through you and tried it out it's amazing quality for a free mobile game. I love it.

  13. Tywele

    How do you play it with a mouse?

  14. Shinya1992

    Do you know when will they release Open Beta?

  15. Shiken Aegis

    I started playing it and was really surprised just how many times i got to roll gacha after tutorial finally ended +_+

  16. Nemien79

    Do you need internet? can you play it offline?

  17. lady milady

    :"D ayeeee

    wait how'd u get it on your computer? o:

  18. liberator48

    Is the game on phone? Seems like it could be…

  19. Kevin Wong

    Love the art and while I can't speak for everyone, I think the character dialogue is pretty friggin cute and enjoyable :3

  20. Xuepreme

    Damn I just love the soundtrack. For some reason it reminds me of la la land…

  21. Andy Wijaya

    is it avail on iOS?

  22. Anh Tú Bùi

    I hope this will be on Steam

  23. Adinda Nur Azizah

    i can't install it in my phone why? ._.

  24. Nasmes Kartz

    graphic is good but the unlively music, sound effect make it worse, I dont know why many game developers just skip though sounding stage

  25. Poi Poi

    wow, this is such an amazing game :o, thank you steparu <3 i found so many good game on your channel xD

  26. Kemicaloid

    hey Step how is that your is in English? mine is full Chinese D:

  27. Leon X

    Art style is really nice. Idk the theme tbh, seems like some tropical island adventure lol
    Is this an MMO? Or just a single player with gacha?

  28. Askariot I

    Do i need a cbt key or smth to play?
    Or how to register an account?
    Btw, ty Steparu for ur work!

  29. Cube Chen

    Love the artstyle !

  30. KeyGee

    Anyone knows when the game will go into open beta/release?

  31. Alex Chen

    Do you think it'll get a computer version like GBF that runs without the need of emulators?

    … Emulators kill my computer lol

  32. Noja8787

    When is this coming out?

  33. bumbayker

    I know it's still in beta but how's the gacha in the game? I really hope it won't be P2W style though I have faith in Rayark.

  34. Kyoot Kyoot

    I love the music in this game. 💕

  35. Game Fanz

    The art and the music make this game amazingly enjoyable

  36. Ecos

    When does the cbt end? And I got a problem, can you download this game just once? I install it yesterday on my old phone and today I got a new phone and try to install it but a window appears on chinese and I don't know what I have to do. I can't download it anymore (on both phones) ;/

    EDIT: Got it I have to go to the creator site of this game on taptap and then on sdorica on the list. Then I can download it again _

  37. Bader A

    music is giving me gravity falls vibes

  38. -FenrirX Z

    i cant get to download the game somehow :/
    i downloaded taptap and searched for sdorica, but when i press the blue button, it asks me to type in a number ( my phone number i guess ), and after im done and press accept it doesn't react at al

  39. Jason Henrie

    For a mobile game the animation, artwork and soundtrack is pretty high quality!

  40. Giovani Nathanael

    step, what happen if i uninstall taptap? does it affect sdorica?

  41. Banana Gaming4U

    Sorry game is too boring

  42. Monique Santos

    I can't install it on my phooone. 😭 Help

  43. Aoi Kuroyuri

    love the game .. but it makes me rage so hard because more or less every 2nd mission i play i have to repeat because of not beeing able to click any of the small squares anymore … really annoying

  44. KnockOnDood

    For some reason, character sprites wont load for me while im in the roster menu

  45. wan wan

    i dont know how to download this game xD

  46. narendra cahya

    how recommend setting for bluestack ?
    i had high-end pc but "your device does not match the hardware requirements of this application"

  47. Teozard Sawari

    For some reason BS3 does not allow me to play the game, all I see is pink screen. Any advice? I was using APKPure to download the game.

  48. Darc Shinobi

    ReMGames Guild Invite Code: 6df928 (Shadowmist Server)

  49. Regalia

    i forgot how smooth the game was when we still had blocks instead of orbs :[

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