Saint Seiya Online Registration Guide

Saint Seiya Online Registration Guide Link
There is an English community gathering at the Saint Seiya Online boards.
Just go there and join them for the English Server :)

Here is my Saint Seiya Online Review

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  1. hovsep56

    i have thegame and i have no music at all i just dont get it and most of the cutscenes are skipped

  2. Sparda98

    seiya(.)forumotion(.)com/ this one seems a bit more active to me

  3. lizxfiasco

    Wait you mean I can play this now?…-dies-

  4. Emunk Danoti

    actually in option volume setting.

  5. 86Corvus

    it seems this game has two kinds of armor one textured gold and other onyx. cheap and lame.

  6. Hao Ren

    wohoo.. guides!

  7. Ernst Beliard

    How did he go from water to fire ?

  8. Tsubasa Yozora Ch.

    is this game region lock?

  9. Sweeter Hades

    HI I have a question when i try to open Saint Seiya it finishes patching and stuff but when i click play it gives a pop up with no words just a button on the bottom with ok on it. i run it on admin but still happens.

  10. Storm

    @Ernst Beliard the quest is like that, you take control over one original character or another… however beside that you have your own Original Character which follows the 5 main classes: Phoenix, Cygnus, Andromeda, Pegasus and Dragon! ^_^ 

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