Saint Seiya Online Playable Classes Jobs Preview 1080p

Just a random video of the playable classes. I don’t think I have ever watched the Anime character creation and gameplay video will be uploaded shortly.

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  1. supermarioz5

    is this game in closed beta? or open?

  2. supermarioz5

    Thanks. About to download this then haha.

  3. Demetori666

    Playing this game right now, lv 51 Cygnus, the game is great !

  4. Skyform

    Saint Seiya that great it gets an MMO? I've only seen some..

  5. Demetori666

    Yup, they have an auto-routing system, and most of the quests are rather straight-forward like any MMO you'd play ; travel from X to Y, kill X amount of Y, and deliver X to Y. Overall I'm enjoying this game quite abit. After you reach lv 20, you get access to an event calender, in which rewards you for every activity you perform during the day. (whether it be dungeoning/questing, or playing a mini game)

  6. Demetori666

    Theres always an incentive to stay active; Zodiac upgrades/Armor/Factions. as someone whom has played tons of MMORPGs within this niche, it sorta gives off that GW2 feeling, you always are on the line, just so many things come into play during the endgame its overwhelming. Currently, I myself am running a foreigner guild on Server 2 ( 死亡皇后岛), we are currently 20+ members, and we plan on expanding further! Definitely play it to lv30+ first, and see if it is to your taste!

  7. FancyKerbloops

    The flying horsey one looks pretty neat.

  8. Bedwyr

    i thought the game japnese, not chinese :/

  9. Rico Valentine

    is this an Action-based MMO like Blade&Soul/Vindictus? or Hybrid like GW2 ? or pure shitty boring tab-targeting like classic MMO's ? -.-

  10. Yuricen

    why every male chars have a "yaranaika" face? ;-;

  11. Joey Knight


  12. Samyaza1

    lol the music is obnoxious.

  13. p mushroom

    Assuming that is Seiya and Ikki, daheck happened to their color schemes, its way off.

  14. Joey Knight

    Wait, pokemon 3d mmorpg? Seriously? When is this going to happen and how can i get in on it? My inner child is starting to shine… Lol 21 year old playing a pokemon mmorpg. Coolio~

  15. hovsep56

    steparu i dont hear any music at all after i chose my class :/ is it normal ?

  16. Thiago Canto

    They are only wondering =~
    At least I think.

  17. Darkoff

    What's the guilds name?

  18. Ryuuma Springfield

    Meanwhile on the West market: Yeah, our mmos are great, i mean look at these systematics! U CAN JUMP OMGGG
    the comunity in most mmos: ./facepalm

  19. SenshiSam

    Usually MMRPG based on populars manga only has the rigths from the Manga to use, because that they only can use the color scheme from the manga, rather the anime version.

  20. Storm

    @ricoberseker . it's quite good game, I am currently playing it and I get overwhelmed with the things which you should do… it's not just story based, you have to get silver, gold and god armors and you have to do dungeons till you still follow the story and in the meantime you have to raise your cloth level and your cosmo so you can get the new one and so on… and while you do that you have to enchant your gear which you get and in the meantime you have to gather star spheres so you can get better and so so many other things for which I probably don't know… and this is just like 50% of the game, the other 50% I am lost… :D 

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