Saint Seiya Online Gameplay My Brain Just Exploded 1080p

Newbie story gameplay… Should I play more…?
0:10 Creepy Stalker Laugh
0:20 Evil Clone Battle
0:50 Super Sized Battle
1:10 Asuran Fists in the balls
1:50 Slapped into Oblivion
2:25 Zombie Invasion
3:10 WTF
3:30 Sailor Moon Transformation
5:30 My head just exploded.

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  1. Hao Ren

    Apparently, Step is already mine

  2. Hao Ren

    I saw this the other day from cinderboy
    TBH I actually quite like it, especially I was a big fan of the series
    The gameplay doesn't look shabby either

  3. GamerZPit Tom

    Hi Steparu, can i know wether this game is F2P or P2P?

  4. dave vang

    Do you get to wear your own armor shown in character ceation or do you have to choose armor from the five classes?

  5. Sice

    "Aaand just skip Omega"

    Take my like!

  6. Niburu Illyria

    lol wow. that was um… interesting…

  7. Furyaki

    watch Saint Seiya Lost Canvas :D i liked that one

  8. Ernesto D.


  9. Xsicho Cemetel

    Omega is still good, but the art style changes to Precure Heartcatch, hell it's heck of an art style but I like it.

  10. Stefano Ohaeri


  11. dark9nine

    Can we play this game in america steparu?

  12. Ryou Tang

    Omega is just a HD remake

  13. Berard

    When they ask you for your real information, can you just bypass it without worry? If not, how do I get around that tidbit?

  14. lizxfiasco

    My first reaction to this video was…:"OMFG! They made a Saint Seiya game?! I must play this."

  15. Xɪɴᴛɪᴀᴏ


  16. bonifidehustla

    Yeah Omega is straight up garbage i tried to get into it twice. Once you watch the originals you'll see how bad Omega truly is.

  17. bonifidehustla

    Naw its not even an HD remake its straight up garbage no matter how people try to spin it if you compare it to the others. For you to call it an HD remake you must never saw the original one.

  18. Yuricen

    0:10 I think is more like… MAD SCIENTIST laugh, tutturu~!

  19. Lightdark

    Omega is like the redhead step child of the series.

  20. AuthorityCat

    holy shit. This is like saint seiya. in a GAME. HOLY SHIT,

  21. Yuki Amolinia

    My god. That was fucking awesome.

  22. HellPerro

    lol, interesting

  23. Joey Knight

    You dont say.

  24. Joey Knight

    All they need now, is a SHINZO game :D

  25. ajahajah

    Omg Steparu, you play games in korean, now Chinese too?

  26. bonifidehustla

    Brotherhood was good since it followed the manga faithfully i believe even the OST was great.

  27. yuzurity

    holy crap,this game is soo frecking awesome!!!!

  28. Grifor

    can somone explain how to update the client i just cant get it to update ?

  29. Hao Ren

    Or you can just start from the manga <3

    Pretty much summarize and get the idea of the whole things

  30. Bekerel

    i love saint seiya this wonderful and hope the game is good

  31. jorge pajo


  32. Andrew Nguyen

    its so weird to hear saint seiya in mandarin lol
    is there a japanese version of this game?

  33. Hao Ren

    Hahahhaa this answer made my day XD
    Nerf Step plox! NERFFF

  34. Emunk Danoti

    Play more! play with meh! :D

  35. Lightdark

    Am so down for playing this game with more people.

  36. LightmareNoel

    Steparu i cant login with my account anymore idk why. It says "LINK (chinese stuff)". I was lvl21 then it took me out to the login screen. Any solution?

  37. Sice

    Why my client keep skipping those cutscene?

    Is there any option for it?

  38. Rúben

    Hey, what are your specs?

  39. chesseUchan

    are the quests easy to finish since i fail a reading chinese XD

  40. NarueMoonheart

    Omega is not that bad.

  41. Sabin

    to see cuscenes your computer must understand the chinese characters, so your pc location must be set to traditional chinese

  42. Sabin

    the game is manga based, so all movies and asgard aren't present, only the Hades OVA , they do did their own asgard version for some dungeons though, with stuff changed due to rights.

  43. monica fab

    spero vivamente che questo gioco esca in una "lingua umana" non ho voglia di imparare il cinese XD

  44. Jorge Mejia

    I love Saint Seiya, It doesnt matter if the gameplay is not "unique". Its freaking SAINT SEIYA, Ive been waiting for this game technically all my life lol.
    Im a true fan, I love everything saint seiya related. even Omega. I appreciate the fact that they keep making more of saint seiya. keeps me happy :) I hope this game comes to north america, (with proper english dub and the whole shabang) otherwise Im gonna be quite sad :():

  45. Yuuki Konno

    wow this game is great! (i am downloading this game now :D)

  46. E- Elysium

    Chinese voice are horrible,

  47. Demonic Chronic

    n boom goes my brain

  48. Storm

    I would say peole hate Omega, and Gold Saints were important in each of the SS series, even the originals and the Canvas one… however in omega they just start getting a light about them :D Until now it was all about the 5 new legendary saints, and just recently they added the Gold Saints ^_^ In the second part, the 5 legendary saints faced each of the Gold Saints when they was fighting Mars… so they could get to Athena… it was amazing moment in Omega… 

  49. anjiru23

    The combat reminds me a bit of what it's like in Aura Kingdom.  Would anyone who has actually played the game let us know?

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