Saint Seiya Online Gameplay and Review Link

My review is now up!
Saint Seiya Online Registration Guide Link

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  1. U4Real?

    how come you never talk in your reviews?

  2. Rikz PT

    Reviews Without voice? NICE

  3. psimon

    because he/she wants to show the game, not him- herself

  4. Klaydo Gaming

    yeah but it would be better if you talk in your reviews :)

  5. Chrises

    steparu is a shy person… everyone prefers another type of communication xP

  6. Cress


  7. WafflezGraal

    going to make a guess that this mmo is related to the anime? could be wrong…

  8. Wings Red

    chica maravilla ?

  9. Falmung

    Really appreciate all the insight you provide us on games like these. Were it not for you I wouldn't even know half of the games you've played exist.

  10. Tainted126

    Could you do a registration guide for Blade & Soul If possible? I know it's pay 2 play, I'm very much willing to pay to play it.

  11. KL T

    if ur willing to pay, u can buy a perma id off china's taobao website, unless u have friends who're currently staying in korea who'll help u to register

  12. Joseph Rosario

    i still cant believe they made a mmo from an old, very old anime….What is going on in Korea?

  13. silvk1000

    The original series is old, but look, the new Saint Seyia series are airing right now.

  14. Joseph Rosario

    there is a New series?

  15. Joseph Rosario

    Chinese mmo? I did not know that actually existed.
    thought the Market was Korean and a bit of West in

  16. silvk1000

    Saint Seiya Omega that started in 2012 and they are at 60th episode right now. You also got in 2007 Saint Seiya: The Hades — Chapter Inferno and that's 12 episodes. In 2008 you got 6 episodes of Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter — Elysion. And movie in 2004 (omega is a sequel to that). check anidb graph

  17. silvk1000

    And of course, you have Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas with 26 episodes aired 2009-2011 which is a prequel to the old series.

  18. Grant

    Are you black?

  19. Moises Panton

    yea Saint Seiya Omega

  20. Joseph Rosario

    huh…who knew

  21. Cuauhtémoc Cabrera Rubio

    wonder if theyll ever release this in english, would be awesome

  22. Oscar La Torre

    What are the specs to play this game?

  23. Shelbea S

    Any Chinese MMOs you suggest checking out or giving a look into?

  24. Jorge Mejia

    I've been playing it for a week now and it's quite fun, except for the fact I don't understand shit but ivebeen slowly trying to figure it out, lol tryi

  25. MC azimi

    Whats your zodiac sun sign ?? xD.. Am Aquarius :3

  26. Suzette Kelly

    can g33/g31 grahpics card play this game?

  27. chaoschief

    Rozan SHO RYU HA!

  28. Joseph Rosario

    yeh i just heard, but an mmo?
    come on there are better deserving anime based mmo's to be made

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