RO Tencent CBT Mt. Mjolnir Party Quest & Fishing Mobile

I’m busy during the Holidays so I’m uploading some storage vids. — New RO Tencent — Closed Beta in CN only. — Classic Eternal Love — Available in Global.

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  1. C L

    nah wait for the woe of this… with those limited slots and high end 3D it will be lag as fvcked. and remember this is TENCENT the company that publishes money based mobile game.. NO REAL MONEY to invest in game = you need to wait for months to be powerful as fvck.

  2. Vollends Ez

    This looks good, but can't leave EL for now

  3. This Is MyChannel

    Looks awesome tho but I love the grinding thing in EL cause the classic ro really needs grinding and hunting what I hate is those op guys cashing their way but it can't be helped


    Better than EL version!!

  5. Bantog Nathan Jonfiel Miranda

    Obt release?

  6. Araz Zarel

    any news about OBT ?

  7. Nico

    The graphic is way too flashy. I guess this not an open world kind of game, a dungeon type maybe? Imagine war of empire with this kind of flashy effects

  8. Mark Ember

    Will there be a global version of this game?

  9. Paul Bonita

    damn why exclusively play a merchant class, i want to see knights, hunters and rogues.

  10. Dded Gago

    Ragnarok dungeon? Haahahaha

  11. Zero:ID Mobile

    Step could you play assassin next CBT? You seem have low ping in this game.. Want to see assassin in action.. Other assassin on youtube have high ping..

  12. Eren Kazuto

    It has its pros and cons same as ragnarok tencent.. But in my opinion ragnarok el is much better overall

  13. M Lui

    First they have to create something different from RoM. RoM looks nice on the outside but it actually bad for RO die-hard fan because you didn't have effecttive way to level-up you character unless you go for the straight line out-side prontera—>Prontera sewer—->Geffen——> morroc ans so on which make this game so boring. also level penalty where you can't farm items from monsters which has level much lower than you make it worse.

    Ragnarok need to be open world free to farm at many spot instead of small world which is covered lacking of content issue by shitty drop rate. ( I can play RO PC all day back to many years ago but I can't stand what currently is in RoM).

    Second, They have to make sure there is no way you can tranfer your sub-account wealth to the main one. This make RoM worse day by day when people just create sub-account to farm all day all night with 3 hunters in their acc. and buy those special 4th mora option from main acc. instead of playing by rule. The worst is, those who is doing this just do it for selling zeny IRL and it destroy the existing exchange market to the core because supply didn't come for the one who also create demand.

    I don't mind if this Tencent's Ragnarok won't be a free one to keep these disgusting pests from the game.

  14. Witchfinder General

    I'm just coming to these tencent videos to read comments. HAHA. You can clearly see the players who are passionate and lazy when it comes to playing mmorpgs. Says that EL is P2W, Idiot, the game does not require you to spend money, and work hard to achieve the equips you want, it is achievable if you are not lazy and a whiner!

  15. Nic G

    @Steparu, what emulator are you running this on? :o

  16. Lost


  17. Lost

    lets hope no more solo mvp with every job or 10 second mvp kill like eternal love

  18. Kurgah

    this looks so much better than Ragnarok Eternal Love.

  19. Denys Soares

    O Ragnarok eternal love é legal mas cara… Tudo que eu queria era um rag mobile FIEL so de PC e esse Ragnarok da tencent veio na hora certa. Eu sinto uma nostalgia muito grande só assistindo os vídeos. Eu vou dropar do eternal love para esse sem pensar duas vezes!

  20. XFEI X


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