Rising Fire Sci-Fi TPS RPG Starting Gameplay Ultra Settings《火源計畫》

Starting gameplay edited down to 10-minutes for easier viewing.
Possibly coming out in English? Added the English site below.
http://rf.qq.com/ — CN Site — MMOTPS RPG — Sci-Fi — CBT
http://axion.games/rising-fire/ — EN Site — More Trailers & Info

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Комментариев: 43
  1. н е н а в и с т ь

    this game looks amazing. i love sci-fi

  2. Tywele

    Reminds me a bit of Warframe

  3. Megadose

    still closed beta, should be a long wait..

  4. Alturia D.

    I'm really liking this games aesthetic & gameplay. Really hope this gets a proper release + support outside of China. The AI looks a bit dumb but it's too soon to tell

  5. TyrannyforSupper

    usually china makes shit mmos, but this actually looks pretty good?

  6. Evellyn Blacksilk

    I see dual wield, I'm sold!

  7. Kate Apples

    That hair clipping really drives me crazy. Ugh.

  8. tetsmega

    Love the sci-fi art direction, but the actual gameplay looks dreadfully boring.

  9. Xell1987

    This game looks good

  10. Sovilace

    kinda reminds me off warframe

  11. Kingsmen Moore

    I'm kinda wondering if this game is free to play or do you have to pay a small fee

  12. Luis CQ

    Good example of a game destined to be shut down within the first year.

  13. Xibbas

    Reminds me of that game from SAO S2 lol.

  14. lady milady

    oh my godO_O ♥ this game though

  15. Thomas Sencindiver

    So… An asian Firefall?

  16. Pita bread

    Sure it looks unoriginal and has elements from other games but what game doesn't? I'd still play if I could.

  17. philxx100

    I thought this CBT was under NDA?

  18. ncken987

    I like it

  19. Nisa Heroine

    so this is Destiny copy? in TPS? Well i'll try it out once its in english!

  20. Bencilu

    warframe ghost in the shell metal gear predator inspiration haha

  21. Tkmisere

    This game looks good, reminds me Global Agenda, do this have a class similar to Recon? And does this game have a possibility of coming to america?(The whole)

  22. Asad alya

    AI is awful.

  23. Dewriki kkutchi

    destiny lol

  24. --

    By anychance did you notice if there was a FOV slider, the camera seems a little cramped with the character.

  25. Jokester

    Now we only have to wait until 2019 until we can play it.

  26. Robonator

    The graphics look great, the animations seem to be decent, but the rest?… horrible AI, annoying flashing HP bars, damage numbers that just overlap and are way too big, stupidly easy "bossfight". This looks like Hazard Ops/ZMR but even even more casual.

  27. Turbulance16

    Thanks for doing a review on this game I had been bugging you for awhile.

  28. UknZ

    lol the made in china destiny….thanks for that useless asiatic copy , asia is the best to copy xDDD
    and they don't forget boobs ,nice keep it up asia xDDD

  29. Keasarr

    Chinese Destiny.
    Complete with Sparrow knock-off.
    And a Matel Gar Rey!

  30. Solaire Kun

    i downloaded and installed but how to play? i get server error when i reach main menu, maybe is required beta key?

  31. oraldo cornejo

    Bien! , Oe son DX12 Nativos , o sólo es Tu Pc OP?

  32. Bee Y

    Looks nice. Might check it out whenever an English version is out.

  33. Lez Tusi

    2 minutes of footage and i'm already tired watching the gameplay… maybe because of the AI idk..

  34. Daniel Arditya

    some item in map look like it copyin from their last game QQSM2.

  35. Jason Henrie

    So this is just like warframe?

  36. Knight Mare

    can we even play this ._. i really want to play this

  37. ITZAH

    lol those chineses copy evryting, they do not have creativity xD

  38. ehab Khater

    This game for mobile? Android

  39. Dhalsim Liu

    Feel very boring

  40. CHONG

    might as well play warframe , almost fall asleep while watching the gameplay

  41. Crash Gaming

    This doesn't look like Destiny at all…..

  42. 主教

    你们需要了解 Epic Games China 这个开发公司。不要再喊着抄袭了好么。

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