Rising Fire CBT New Outfit Gameplay Dungeon and Boss Fight

My last gameplay of the CBT. Quickie dungeon and boss fight.
You can get a better look at the outfit & gun near the end. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
http://rf.qq.com/ — CN Site — MMOTPS RPG — CBT — Sci-Fi
http://axion.games/rising-fire/ — EN Site — More Trailers & Info

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Комментариев: 33
  1. PlayerOne

    it looks… boring, really repetitive. Besides graphis, it dosent seem to offer anything else.

  2. Howard Jang

    Why does this game look like something out of ps vita upscaled?

  3. PatVX1

    It looks kinda like Warfame, except sexualised, and you just walk and fire an endless supply of the same bullets
    idk how to feel

  4. Mikusan

    warframe 2?

  5. Thien Do

    I won't do well in this game. You know ;)


    oh its chinese

  7. Luis Trujillo

    this is like if destiny and warframe had a baby. im sold

  8. Victor Alkaiser

    It's an Eastern dumbed down version of Warframe with sexy anime girls.

    …….So….when's it coming to NA?

  9. dean morello

    dam that's a nice dress

  10. 강승우

    it`s fake warframe!

  11. 김현철

    destiny girl version??

  12. DamMan

    How can she see anything? Her eyes are too small!! Open your eyes!

  13. Lovisa Gaming FPV

    how to log in already download >.<

  14. Moon

    이거 무슨 게임이냐 재미있어 보인다

  15. KCK J

    so it's warframe without the FAST, no parcour, likely nowhere near the level of customization, stale animations and what looks like very slow boring 3rd person shooter gameplay in general. the butts arent even as good. little late on this one nippon


    space babes in destiny

  17. Bangi'n Bangolo

    what destiny or warframe+anime=the gameplay

  18. Ejay424

    3D MXM? :L

  19. 개를좋아함

    중국게임이 이제 더 재밌네… 한국은 도박겜만 만드는데

  20. Dog with Sunglasses

    Are they even trying to make a good game? Holy Shit…

  21. BlackGhost D

    chinese WarFrame?

  22. awychoi

    That hair physics…

  23. June Poon

    idk, looks good but.. i dont see anything new enough to attract my attention

  24. Mateus Santos

    The visuals are cool, but the gameplay looks really boring for this kind of game

  25. zhen176

    is this game coming to US?

  26. Ale Jimenez Figueroa

    is free?

  27. Decaying Eternity

    What the fuck is this piece of shit… The gameplay and the gunplay is literally autistic…

  28. Alessandro marlon verillo

    poderia fazer um tutorial para download

  29. Legend LI

    Is the game rleased?

  30. Dethmasque

    It looks like the only thing it has going is the waifus. Could probably get that added to Warframe eventually, then the uniqueness of this game is lost.

  31. Shaun Morell

    Seems like Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet XD

  32. Mayomaya


  33. samueltan8512

    Now I found that most of the enemy is stand still. It’s more like a half action rpg rather a shooting game…

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