Rising Fire CBT Gameplay — Desert Zone — Legendary Assault Rifle

Riding around the desert and shooting stuff up.
The Legendary Assault Rifle seems to be OP.
https://steparu.com/previews/fps/2389-rising-fire-sci-fi-tps-rpg-closed-beta-adventures More Information

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Комментариев: 21
  1. AnarchyDev

    Too much of a barren land and enemies are just stationary target

  2. Tnida Opas

    Was Pulsefire Caitlyn inspired by this cause she looks exactly like her

  3. Shane S

    Borderlands??  :)

  4. Luiz

    another game that you cannot play in na or eu lol omg these guys

  5. Alturia D.

    Some questions, do you have to buy ammo or do you get enough from drops (or are they dirt cheap to buy)? Was the mount free from a quest or is it a CBT gift? Is this game going to be PvP focused or a mix of PvE and PvP?

    Thanks for the video.

  6. Elite FDC

    i want to play ~

    gib link ~

  7. Wee Waaa

    The game looks very beautiful but the enemies need to act more with a personality.

  8. Last Walts

    look good….

  9. Aeddrow

    this game looks good and funny

  10. Alevtina Mikhailov

    Do they forget to add recoil on guns?

  11. Dániel Hivessy

    Pulsefire Caitlyn OP

  12. Xiaran

    I like this

  13. mercer Eman

    so its borderlands that tryed to take it self seriously the mmo? :thinking:

  14. UE

    Would definitely try it out, when it's polished and finalized…imo when you the only human in the environment….everything that look like it can swallow you whole…should aggro on you… or each other's….and the driving around remind me of firefalls…..so my guess is going to died after a year or three if they released the game like that.

  15. BergPenner

    how can i get this game ^_^

  16. Azariah Kyras

    Sexy but i like her :D
    Gonna enjoy this game the gameplay looks good too

  17. Shane S

    To bad SWOTR game play isn't like this ………

  18. Alessandro marlon verillo

    Disponível só para a asia

  19. Legend LI

    Does anyone know when the game will come out? It looks nice and worth playing :)

  20. eXo

    This looks hot !!

  21. Nova Verse

    Looks like a very basic 3rd person shooter with dull A.I..

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