Rising Fire Battle Royale Short Gameplay

Yay, chicken dinner with 16 kills! It feels like they’re bots or new players.
Here is a short preview of Rising Fire’s newly added Battle Royale mode.
http://rf.qq.com/ or http://axion.games/rising-fire/ — Official Release

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Комментариев: 38
  1. Alex Dularidze

    First :D

  2. Plaguebearer A.K.A Papa Nurgle's sweet boi

    Look nice. But how will it taste like?

  3. EnnokkNui

    finally, fortnite with waifus.

  4. Alex Dularidze

    Where is my heart?:D

  5. paku

    6 minutes video uploaded 6 minutes ago

  6. HKillerpr

    Soo space battle royal?

  7. Bill Vavouras

    Still better than Pubg and Fortnite

  8. weapon

    Step-kun <3

  9. dragon wing

    Hen hao

  10. All the hype ≧∇≦ !!

  11. drfinest08901

    Is this guy fighting bots bro lmao

  12. Ron Abarintos

    No pvp video for tamer in Bdm? Saddd

  13. Game Spirit

    Why does winner dies after the battle it's so dumb

  14. Ander Rivera

    bots bots bots LOL!!

  15. Bs Kata


  16. Ade Arif R_ 0042

    what about PING problem steparu, it is good?

  17. Demon King

    What platforms is it coming to

  18. Jae Huyk

    in future still use pandage

  19. C o f f e e W e e b

    that meatgrinder at the beginning though xD

  20. Jypixel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Is that for free?
    why is the gameplay is not English

  21. qweqw


  22. K. J.

    You win and you still die.

    I won !
    Guess ill die now meme

  23. Kalin annonimous

    Rf online haha

  24. Kenobi3380

    Hmm maybe its coming to the west, you can read this on threir homepage: Tencent currently has PC rights for the China Region.
    Rights outside China are currently available.

  25. the onfaller

    how are you playing this? i tried but when i try to star appears a message :(

  26. Asomi

    dear nutaku, be publisher of this game plz

  27. Angry Jakem

    warframe+battle royale

  28. David Santos

    Nice game

  29. TyrannyforSupper

    i'd play rising fire but the battle royale thing isn't what has me interested

  30. datuputi777

    Planet side battle royal.

  31. Sweeping Time

    Lol the win message literally translates to ‘winner chicken dinner’. I do like the look of it though. The way the teleporter shows your veins and fills you in is gross and cool.

  32. david witra

    Wee need another like planetside 2 type games MULTI MASIVE WAR! No more battle royal please. Im sick of it

  33. 星白 閑

    Hope it comes to the switch.

  34. jiren tapo

    how to login and how to go to battle royale mod in Rising Fire if youcan make a video for this

  35. zentum aisle

    looks like a great game in 2008

  36. zerozano

    Really late to the BR game, but better late than never I guess, especially in china.

  37. ProVaLstaR

    someone please tell game devs to stop developing battle royal games… it's future isn't so bright
    the risk of making battle royal games is the equivalent of having sex without condoms and hope not to get infected with an STD

  38. Elder Sign

    How does this game look worse now than it did in 2016?

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