Ring of Elysium Solo vs Squad Gameplay Clips

Here are a few highlights from my winning matches last week XD!
I need my random FPS/TPS fix every now and then. Not bad for F2P.
http://roe.garena.in.th/ — TPS — Battle Royale — Open Test — English UI

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Комментариев: 20
  1. 검정색고양

    They literally copied EVERYTHING from PUBG loooooool

  2. Floyd Dominique

    wander how long before this one getting a lawsuit?

  3. 검정색고양

    omg this is just control c+v lol.

  4. Bill Vavouras

    I don't mind it being a copy of pubg. I only care that it is better

  5. Mobile Players

    They gonna have open beta? I think close beta already over

  6. tito y su ocio

    why?, asia, ¿why?, another battle royale. OMG. Need more creative video games

  7. Xien

    A clone that has little to no difference.

  8. João Paiva

    Rose > PUBG

  9. Azz-Rushman

    Ring of Elysium: Hey PUBG, can i copy your homework?

    Jokes aside, i don't mind copies. As long as the game is better than the original. I'm just a consumer.

  10. Maycus Sky Walker

    why should i play this when i can play PUBG? (serious question)

  11. Bankai OP

    Are there alot of bots? If not i will give it a shot

  12. DxBlack

    PUBG suing FN for "copying" their game… WAIT UNTIL THEY GET A LOAD OF THIS! XD
    If they lose the Epic case, they won't have any ground to stand on if this game launches globally.

  13. TyrannyforSupper

    better character creation, better gameplay, smoother gameplay, dynamic weather system, graphics are not the best.

  14. Abdullah

    Ur character step, yummy.

  15. Prince Nirvana

    Lmao seems like bluehole going to sue this one after Fortnite.

  16. Ligoya

    This game run way better than PUBG.

  17. Lindblum San

    what a pro! GG

  18. Wacho

    Fuck!!! i need this game, bro. Invite me to korea :u

  19. cecep fauzi

    stepharu please play in indonesian server…

  20. Soracj

    played this an hr after seeing this
    so fun
    thanks Stepi

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