Ring of Elysium Lynn Meow Backpack & Character Previews

Been awhile since I played FPS/TPS, here are yesterday’s highlights!
Season 2 is coming with a new map, or perhaps it’s the original one?
https://store.steampowered.com/app/755790/Ring_of_Elysium/ — PC Battle Royale — Steam

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  1. Steparu

    I decided to just post my friend referral ID for new players that want stuff XD.


    Feel free to add me in the game too if you play in NA servers!

  2. Dkbie YT

    This game paid ?

  3. Amy

    The character model of lynn is actually based off a real person that they didn't ask permission to use them in the game lol, shes a model and a youtuber irl.

  4. Potato

    they say cuteness can kill……

    yup i believe them now…

  5. JY R

    Can you make more gameplay Ring of Elysium with meow set hehehe 😄😄😄😄

  6. Ian Vincent

    Lynn as in the VO of DMCV?🤔

  7. neopolitan

    Neko-chan skin is so kawaii 😍

  8. Irfan Rafi

    So cute

  9. Tashi

    This character makes me cringe looks like a character a weeb would use

  10. Wild.s

    ≧ω≦Very cute

  11. Arkades

    I'm so happy that I didn't buy season 1 pass for this rewards . Much better season 2 for skin and other stuff

  12. X Zombie

    The models looks much better than PUBG.

  13. ::

    how to get that skin

  14. Anastasia Timofeeva

    0:08 — What a sweet, harmless girl. <3
    0:42 — Oh…

  15. BBB KKK


  16. Lustful Cupcake

    how do you get that outfit?

  17. Purp

    too bad this game is ded in NA, wish this was just an MMORPG instead of a BR lol

  18. Christian

    Such a pity this game is just about killing and destroying :(

  19. D K


  20. 이아인

    one of my biggest mistake in life that i ddn't buy this character :(

  21. 이아인

    Hi guys can anyone give me a account that have lynn character i really want her so bad im begging 😭🙏
    kindly email me at [email protected]gmail.com
    Thank you

  22. 이아인

    i really want LYNN Character i've been playing ROE Since season 2 please can anyone have lynn account on steam i want to play lynn so bad pls someone give it to me :< especially to those players who quit already :<

    email: [email protected]gmail.com 😭🙁

  23. 이아인

    can anyone give me account with lynn? please
    im dying to have her or ill trade my pubg pls i really want her since i started playing this game since season 2
    email me at : [email protected]gmail.com

  24. NpK

    Where i can buy this skin?

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