Ring of Elysium (Europa) Gameplay 16 Kills — Solo vs Squads — 2x & Red Dot

That last player is what I call a True Friend. NO MAN LEFT BEHIND.
Slowly getting the hang of the Battle Royale genre. USA ping not bad.
https://roe.garena.co.id/ — TPS — FREE Battle Royale — Open Test

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Комментариев: 21
  1. ok2094

    There are europe servers now?

  2. Chiewie 016

    Was it good?

  3. Timotarius

    okay this just looks like PUBG.

  4. sYu Kurin

    Still CBT in my country

  5. Yihaaa 123

    Steparu… this server (indonesia}is still in Closed beta. For Open server go for Thailand's server then change to English Language (my suggestion)

  6. Sfare


  7. DemOldDayz

    You can tell you've played a battle royale game before. Carry me steps!

  8. DxBlack

    It's funny that this looks like it runs far smoother than PUBG does…

  9. Mobile Players

    how big is the client size?

  10. leon kenedy

    at least the game run smooth enough to be playable, which GPU do you have?

  11. Oleg Chebeneev

    Daym, youre a pro at this.

  12. Makshm

    too many already divorced parodies

  13. Myasuu Jo

    Any game style like IronSight? Have you played it yet ?

  14. adel amim

    Wear her shoes LoL

  15. Sheleg

    Europa? Steparu aren't you from America?

  16. Kodo Hh

    Steparu how you setted your sensibility ? And for run , you can use only auto run ? Becouse i didnt found the key for run :/ You can help me please ?

  17. Sycogenesis

    I wanna play this so bad lol, so jelly of you Steparu

  18. Nightmare

    The footstep sounds 🙄

  19. ahahaha

    I’ve tried playing solo on ‘squad’ matching queue but 4th place was the best i could achieve. You’re so damn good at this man!

  20. Vinicius Nogueira

    Another fucking battle royalle…
    Dunno what is worse: Lootboxes or battle royalle… How about a Batlle Royalle WITH lootboxes? Then you have the darkest days of gaming.

  21. Lxst

    Step can you link me to the registration video

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