Ring of Elysium (Europa) F2P Female Customization & Short Gameplay AK47

A preview of a new upcoming Battle Royale game on Steam~!
You can play the game in English if you don’t mind the ping XD.
https://roe.garena.co.id/ — TPS — Battle Royale — Open Test

Future Steam Version

Tutorial for those that want to play it in English

1. Register https://auth.garena.com/ui/register?
2. Download the Garena Launcher
3. After Installing. Right click «GaArena» DESKTOP icon.
4. In the «Target» line, add -toggleapp 32838
Preview Image: https://i.imgur.com/QG9dI60.jpg
5. Launch Garena again and it will ask to install the game.
6. Launch the game go to options and change to your language.
7. You may need to restart for the English settings to take effect.
8. Have fun!

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  1. Mobile Players

    it doesn't has characters model display on your backpack just like mobile PUBG or Xbox 360 and One.

  2. Mobile Players

    w00t Step is OP in PUBG too

  3. TempRawr

    ahh eastern remakes with waifus. I do look forward to some of the eastern studios actually brining in fun innovative extra content, COUGH FUCK YOU EARLYT ACCESS FOREVER PUGB.

  4. Sfare

    i love ur channel dont stop greetings to you from Saudi

  5. last name sherlock

    i've played this game cause im from indonesia and imo its better than pubg

  6. Neko Gaming

    spend 1 hour or so on face ending up getting covered by a helmet what's the poin in it really :/

  7. Kodo Hh

    Steparu sorry if i ask you this , is normal when i click on your link for instal the launcher , this say me the link may contain malware or dangerous things ? :( And when i try to put the toggleap word , this tell me the name isnt correct , and i cant change it ç_ç

  8. Дина Вайсман

    uh.. it's like PUBG and Fortnithe… but better?

  9. Tanker2000

    while all this popular trend are out, am still waiting for MSGO to come out on SEA cuz taiwan server are retarded as fuck, full of p2w bots..

  10. Ricardo Mafra

    nao sei porque tanto trabalho em deixar os bonecos tao perfeitos e lindos pois quando entra no jogo tem que por capacetes jaquetas ,nao da para ver nada mais kkk

  11. Doge 420

    This game really need switch shoulder button

  12. Valdy Dewanto_4IA07

    Too clunky for me…..gonna wait till it gets better

  13. Nightmare

    And another battle royale hahaha

  14. Yohhh Channel

    hey steparu. Are you gonna play Bless Online? I heard they are giving tickets to some people to be able to play on 11/5/2018. Did you get the ticket?

  15. Ydeirt

    The game is pretty good but what makes it sucks is that theres this annoying footstep sound, the workaround is by unequiping the shoes. On design perspective, it doesn't supposed to happen because shoes adds nothing to armor or anything but gimping anyone who wear that because it just looks better than the naked feet.

  16. CrystalEmbrace

    doesn't work XD but cool looking game I'll go look up a proper video on it if there are any :o

  17. Muhammad Amirul

    Can use 2 scope as well. Wow xD

  18. Mert1313

    As a pubg player with 700 hours i can say this is a good alternative to other battle royales. Sure few things have to get better like the walking animation, footsteps or sounds generally. I hope they will bring it to western market

  19. Pasha Defragzor

    I like customizator, but gameplay is primitive as Pubg, looks like PC only like Pubg

  20. Djafer Chelihi

    do you have any info on when they are planning for an EU or NA release ?

  21. zerozano

    Anyone know their avg. ping for West coast?

  22. Lucas Simulainen

    Where I can change my character to female?

  23. CyberRonin

    Create your K-pop character

  24. shakz2.0

    OOh anime squeenz

  25. Millis2

    i want more hairstyle!

  26. John Kronstad

    Would you mind importing your character? :)

  27. Song 4

    lol how hard would it be for them to code in a color wheel to change Hair Color

  28. Code 0

    Can i change the hair color

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