Rift — Planes of Telara Е3

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  1. Mendoras

    Shadowland not Shadowlane ;)

  2. TheTolonio

    damn all i see is
    "893 8923 09823 dodged dodged dodged parried dodged parried 9830 24032"

    wow clone?
    there needs to be more new action arcade style mmorpgs like tera online

  3. cosmosman

    tired of typical MMOs….GW2 and TERA are the only 2 unique things coming out soon in P2P and Vindictus and Dragon nest in the F2P world.

  4. Rael Almighty

    rift isnt a conventional mmo, watch more videos and check the wbesite….

  5. Andrew Phippen

    @TheTolonio Umm… you know Tera is pretty much the exact same thing only with Manual targeting right?? Manual targeting is the only unique thing about Tera.
    Not saying that this is introducing ground breaking originality, just saying that Tera is no different to this in terms of gameplay besides the targeting.

  6. TheTolonio

    @charlizd Dont knw about you, but manual targeting is a much bigger change of gameplay than you think… No lucky critical strikes (well maybe) no random misses (you miss when you ACTUALLY miss) no lucky dodges (you dodge, you dodge) etc… You hit when your blade touches the monster, not just a random swinning graphic you hit like 5 times and the character only shows itself swinning the sword once… crappy… all mmorpgs right now are shittle we really need a NEXTGEN. Shit: Planes of Fuckera

  7. Andrew Phippen

    @TheTolonio Never said it wasn't a change in gameplay, but underneath the Manual targeting is the same damn game you have elsewhere, everything else about this game is you standard cookie cutter mmo except you aim your skills.
    The Mob AI is not intelligent enough to constantly dodge your attacks so in essence you don't need to aim too much, just hold target in centre of screen, look at mobs and spam skills like every other mmo, it is not as good as you think either (know from exp in beta)

  8. Andrew Phippen

    @TheTolonio And yes i agree we do need a next Gen but believe it is Tera, and it isn't Rift either, not sure how any 1 could make something unique, we are all stuck in the cliche that is MMO's of nowadays, everytime some 1 tried to make something different, they either fail at it, or get flamed because ppl don't know how to use it effectively. All i am saying is that trust me the manual targeting will not set Tera apart from the others.

  9. Di-Dorval

    @charlizd oh wow cant you guys just take a damn look at GW2 the game is freaking amazing and is changing the genre.

  10. snapz0023

    guys…guys…. check out gw2

  11. Jo Löppy

    all (openBeta) comes 2011 idiot

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