RIFT. Dungeon IRON TOMB 15lv + (Defiant side)

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  1. Fastine

    @DjFilthyB Wrong.

  2. MiniGuinea

    @DjFilthyB You're mixing this up with guildwars 2, which will be free to play after initial purchase. This game is 12.99(euros) a month after the initial purchase of 50 euros(normal) or 60 euros(collectors)

  3. The_Fizz

    All im seeing is a terrible marksman spamming quick shot, not using deadeye shot and a group taking forever. Boring.

  4. ay downs

    st is a guild where u talk russian or is it just that u do that?………..
    also do u keep your beta7 account when u start the game?

  5. Preston Havens

    Tank that lets the healer tank the ranged mobs….terrible.

  6. Preston Havens

    Worst tanking Ive seen in a long time, he doesnt even make an effort to tab target and tank the entire group. Go back to DPSing and dont make the rest of us look bad.

  7. Ashley Buchanan

    Get to play tomorrow,need something till GW2 is out:D,Good VID ty for it.and yeah the tanks didt know what the hell they were doing lol

  8. Ashley Buchanan

    Get to play tomorrow,need something till GW2 is out:D,Good VID ty for it.and yeah the tanks didt know what the hell they were doing lol,i just hop its not all wow fan boyz playing thie game didt think that game was all that,doest take long to know if you like a game or not,i give it 3-4weeks if im not in to it im done.

  9. justin vail

    Looks pretty boring…

  10. dotpunker89

    It's a matter of time before everyone goes back to WoW and forget Rift…


  11. Nicholas Kylilis

    lol, all wow nerds seems to be pretty upset^^

  12. Nicholas Kylilis

    &qujo81 udd

  13. Tyler Gale

    Meh, who cares, it's fun

  14. Chaidez1379

    Wow is boring as shit to me at first it was great but then I noticed my self in a huge circle going in a same cycle

  15. Chaidez1379

    And don't think that im saying every game is better than it it's just what I think about wow

  16. subocajp


    Yeah, it's a continuous cycle if everyone just sits for a second and look at whats happening..Of course a game like this will attract mass attention, and of course it will turn heads and make people literally "IM QUITTIN WOW MAN IM CANCELLING MY SUB MAN" and then all of a sudden you start seeing problems with how the developers do updates..or how the content is released..or how the pvp is unbalanced…same shit happened with WARHAMMER — anyone remember? same shit, diff age.

  17. Juan Carlos Luna Cardozo

    @dotpunker89 true indeed, like co… con… age of connan, i almost forgot the name

  18. gamer7916

    it doesnt seem any different from wow, all boss runs

  19. gamer7916

    @Mertius1 they are made by the same company

  20. gamer7916

    its just a matter of time before all ppl started looking for a rift killer

  21. sora reeves

    @dotpunker89 That could happen but Cataclysm made me quit so until they get another expansion my sub for wow is done forever and Rift will probably be a couple of years

  22. JayDeeYGO

    I've been playing WoW for 5 years now and I have been searching for a new game to play lately and Rift is a game that could be it. I mean you can't expect a 1 month old game to beat a 9 year and going game. So give Rift a time to develop and it might actually turn into a pretty good MMORPG.

  23. deathbean1

    what lvl can u do dungeons is it 15 like wow higher/lower?

  24. JayDeeYGO

    @whiteonrice506 My bad bro. Miscalculated. Haha.

  25. labspanielmix

    Wow, this is trashy. Fail.

  26. Nicholas Kylilis

    @nerdpuff i dont play rift :D

  27. Austyn Prettyman

    Does RIft have a dungeon finder tool? To find other players..like WoW?

  28. O3livion

    @m0nk3yXb4lls yes

  29. O3livion

    @CodyTheGlorious Go to Rift i quit WoW after 5 years playing 1 week ago and started to play Rift its a awesome Game and way more fun than WoW. WoW died after BC now its only a broing Game without anything new.

    Allods is f2p y but its 80% grinding u need a long time to reach max lvl and it getting boring after a while. Start playing Rift and u will quit alle the other moos…;)

  30. Austyn Prettyman

    @dotpunker89 agreed..

  31. O3livion

    @CodyTheGlorious I dont know how much it is in $ but its the same price like WoW, in € its 12,99. U can decide between 2 versions. If you buy the Elite boy you get 60 day's free + Mount + Bag. Normal Version is just 30 Day free + nothing. Elite costs around 10€($) more. But u can Ride the mount with lvl 1 i think u dont need to learn riding like in WoW ;)

  32. senyos

    wow is the best game ever fuck this game

  33. meesh11p

    @a13lom Hell yeah son!

  34. Mehiz

    Hmm, this game looks nice. Im gonna try this : — )

  35. Alec

    Is there a LFG system that will automatically group you with people? and if so, will it teleport you to the instance?

  36. Guy

    @dotpunker89 i disagree with you there

  37. Jefre Fritzen

    @dotpunker89 HAHA WoW is bad, Blizz sure isnt really trying to defend their title for best MMO, patch 4.2 BLOWS. gayest content ever. Rift is just better. face it. i mean ya i have alot of game play and feats of strength on WoW to but damn, this steals me away. Bye Bye WoW

  38. xarop_pa_toss

    @dotpunker89 WoW is in the shit now. 10% canceled subscription. Personaly, I've been waiting for GW2 for like 5 years, and it seams its gonna be much more dynamic.

  39. Lazar Todorovic

    lol looks just like wow … peace of shit !

  40. hamo

    @a13lom too bad it got fucking boring and most top raiders quit after 1-2 months. l0l

  41. hamo

    @a13lom and the only raiders left are ppl horny for being the top guild, in a non competitive game, l0l

  42. hamo

    @OverBlackSands yeah, gw2 look nice, i was thinking rift was gonna be my next mmo, but it got mind-numbingly boring after 2 months of playing.. i cant wait for gw2, but its going to be atleast 6 months till it comes out, and swtor comes out in a few months so i think im going to just play that casually while waiting for gw2 ^^

  43. Dalcian

    @Denmarkpwns yep, i bought CE played for 2 days. quit tried going back to WoW 2 weeks ago it is imho the lowest point it has ever been, waiting for ToR because everything else out there at the moment is absolute shite

  44. hamo

    @a13lom yep im waiting for tor as well, in my opinion tor cant fail, because if the pvp and pve lategame sucks, you still have the huge story elements and you can level different classes with fully different stories, and that will last for a while, and then gw2 will come :p

  45. Dalcian

    @Denmarkpwns my thoughts exactly. :D

  46. Adam Eklund

    hate wow ripoffs !

  47. Rhah

    This is a mind-boggling statement, considering WoW itself is a ripoff of other MMOS.
    And in turn those MMOs are a rip off of MUDs, MUCKs, MOOs, and table top games.

    Stop being so generic.

  48. Adam Eklund

    @SanguinPenguin Never ;)

  49. Azaghal66618

    @LiqiangEatShit XD. Right, WoW is "really" the first game where has an interface, Magic , Dungeons and Quests. Why does everyone think, who play WoW, that WoW is the first MMORPG ? Blizzard have taken those things from an MMO before and that one have also taken it from an other.

  50. Azaghal66618

    @Azaghal66618 srry for my english ^^

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