RIFT. Dungeon Deepstrike Excavation 20lv + (Defiant side) Final Boss

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  1. lufia22

    General chat got trolled.

  2. Vardaark

    I can see that musical class getting really REALLY annoying.

  3. Christian Arnesen

    Holy hell, Bard is really a No No in these kinda games!

  4. Juneaux

    can't wait for addons or mods for Bards allowing their motifs cadence and fanfares to be mp3 music haha

  5. zemoman12

    These sounds like the sounds slot machines in a casino would make lol

  6. bigmac19971

    wtf is this shit??, lol i rly wanna play WoW2 with dungeons like that!

  7. dotpunker89

    Bard worst class idea ever….Annoying sounds.

  8. Gexm1337

    @dotpunker89 mute sounds you stupid

  9. dotpunker89

    @Gexm1337 Is there a need to call me names? Or it hurts your feeling that I say the sounds are annoying? Awww.

  10. TheArchangell666

    @LoLStudios123 WoW died with cata I mean wrath was way more cooler and epic then cata so imo Rift gonna get better then WoW but wait theres a game called star wars old republic that gonna come out soon so lot of competition for blizzard

  11. dennis strand

    im gonna make that class and name him slash!

  12. Gil Kraemer

    Seems like you can play Rift while sleeping, was this music thing done on purpose or did the players want better ambience for falling asleep?

  13. TherealTonybanana

    @MRBIGT9000 i started playing WoW last summer and quit during the school year because WoW gets to damn boring……and Blizzard ruined it with cata

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