RIFT. Dungeon Darkening Deeps 20lv + (Guardian side)

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  1. Arwis HellFrost

    Looked @ UI and noticed it's completely 1:1 WoW's. Even elite mobs have similar 'spikes' lol

  2. sander wiertz

    @Arwiiss Gratz

  3. lunarath1

    @Arwiiss wow has dragon icon at elite mobs.. circle minimap. also wow UI cannot be customized withoud addons … stupid game

  4. BelGeode

    that is hillarious, the npcs shout out hints to you.

  5. Nicklas Hansen

    @Arwiiss If the UI was completely different to other MMO games, many people would be confused.

  6. edzu1

    defaind iron tombs were harder i think

  7. landis69

    @Arwiiss hey guess what…You think you're being original by comparing a games ui to wow? Everyone compares every new game to wow, you are one of tens of thousands. Try thinking up something more helpful and intelligent to say than just the same shit every other person says who wants something to say to sound in the know.

  8. Trent Benson

    shuld i get Rift? the reason i am asking is because i used to play wow but got bored of it after awhile. so can someone help me out?

  9. lostorb12

    @badcompany2fuku I have seen a couple video from rift and if you got bored out of wow i dont think you will play a long time. It feels like you get fun abilities to solo mobs to level up but when you get into an instance, its a tank and spank all the way including the last boss, like Aion or LOTRO.

  10. TheJudgeMan1

    @lostorb12 no, no tank and spank. very formidable bosses with unique mechanics

  11. lostorb12

    @TheJudgeMan1 Do you have a video showing a formidable boss fight? Honestly i looked up a couple video because im interested in MMOs but i didnt see anything other then tank and spank. In this video i skipped to the last boss and it is a tank and spank with some fire you dont have to avoid? Maybe the camera angle blocked the view.

  12. will solice

    @lostorb12 this is level 20 ofcourse the bosses are easy… but yes there are some strategy and such in the dungeons and the cool part is its not always the boss fights that require cc and hiding and healing at certain times im 85 wow raider and the dungeons in rift are up to par and harder than the wow ones

  13. nairobie755

    @PIOSEYandSHOCK I've seen comments like this for a while now and I have to ask. You know that every single feature in WoW has been done before it right?

  14. nairobie755

    @PIOSEYandSHOCK Oh I see what I did now, I read the last part wrong, sorry I'm a bit dyslexic.

  15. Chris Wallace

    rift already stole 30% of wows population!!!!

  16. Forrest Munden

    So is there alot of dungeons in this game like WoW?

  17. Paul Jas


  18. SeHulluNaapuri

    @TheZimmy84 lol 30%? you're exaggerating :p the population of wow has gone down by 5% since the launch of cataclysm and I doubt even just 1% left for rift. It's normal for the population of a game to drop for a short period of time after it has released. Even though I left wow for rift I got bored within just 2 weeks.

  19. Alec

    how hard is this games PVE content

  20. SeHulluNaapuri

    @bezoro2008 then you haven't actually played wow if you've only tested it for 10 mins. And not all games are meant for everyone so if you enjoy rift then fine. And how am I ignorant? It's not as if wow lost 30% of its subscribers to rift. And i wouldn't say rift is original. Sure they added a few refreshing and unique features to their game like any other mmo developer did to their product but despite this rift feels like any other typical mmo.

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