Revived Witch Gameplay Pixel Mobile RPG HD

Two-hour-long gameplay edited down to thirty minutes~! I wanted to try out Revived Witch since the graphics slightly reminded me of Octopath. Although the game has Gacha characters, it seemed free to play friendly and you get an abundance of freerolls for clearing stages. I’ll probably casually play an English version if they end up releasing it globally.

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  1. hiddenbruh

    Woah, this is more beautiful than I expected, I thought it would be some rando shitty top down pixel art game but nah. I wanna try it now

  2. Wacho

    3D Animation, 2D Dialogues and Pixel Isometric Game XD

  3. garcyber

    Welllllll, need englissshhhh 😆

  4. goukurako

    this made me remember that im still waiting for a global release of talesweaver ;-;

  5. Titanic Tuna

    Definitely looks great, seems to play… ok… Might be worth checking out.

  6. Bork

    A nice 3D trailer and we get a pixel art..

  7. Neekodelic

    Where do you get these games from?

  8. Paulo Victor

    Does it have pvp ?

  9. RERP

    Looks beautiful! I like it

  10. Kemil Gaming

    Mom what's that?

    Don't look son, it's a mobile game, it could hurt your brain….

    Mom let's play candy crush!


  11. Nightmare

    Thanks for showing the game! Ill mark it.

  12. Rubber_Child

    This looks soo preety it should be illegal.

  13. Vishal Kapri

    Animation top class gameplay third degree

  14. C-Tan

    The graphic is lit af!

  15. Ains

    I'm really liking how many games that are coming out with this artstyle, its very pretty and targets nostalgia well

  16. Mc Len

    .. if this was released 2 years ago I'd be addicted to it.. but nah.. I'm done with Gacha that has pixel graphics like Guardian tales… They are good but nah just got over it.. I want to see the details of my chracters clearly.

  17. plasmask8

    damn thats gorgeous

  18. Victor Strahl

    Good graphics … but the best is the music.

  19. GoodStar Gaming

    Is it possible to play this with RTX graphics?

  20. James Wilcox

    Thank you for sharing this. I'm sold. Love this game already.

  21. Rizki Prasetya

    the sounds is so good

  22. Elefanamir

    Looks like an auto battler

  23. RIZZLE SIZZ 569

    Anyone else reminded about Brave Frontier when seeing these pixel sprites?

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