Resident Evil Re:Verse PC Gameplay Ada and Hunk

Resident Evil Re:Verse PC Open Beta Gameplay on Steam~ The game was fun for about an hour, the servers are going back up later tonight for those that wanna test it. Trying out Hunk and Ada in this preview video.

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  1. Nenad Ivanovic


  2. Malkav

    a game that no RE fan with an IQ above room temperature asked for

  3. А из грязи шашки сделаем


  4. break

    what the fuck is that shit???

  5. Kaira

    Oh this MP game no one asked for look absolutely Garbage… so sad.

  6. Tora GuuMoonRyoung

    Running is absurdly slow…. ridiculous…

  7. Tridanite Inazuma

    "No one asked for this game" and I'm sure so many people asked for RE before its inception LUL

  8. Unlimited Quick Works

    These games are the trend now LUL. So dissapointing

  9. ThankForMemory

    RE Battle Royale

  10. Unlimited Quick Works

    Thank you for showing it tho

  11. Tre'Lon Park

    If the full release is free I’ll play in my spare time. Has some redeeming qualities

  12. ZeroHxC07

    Why isn’t this raid mode again?

  13. CellxiaRikku

    Wish theres zombies mobs running around

  14. Sukita

    nice gameplay! XD

  15. Tora-Ky

    Be' like FFA mode or something else?
    Need the full game to play this or its a standoalone?

  16. Xedhadeaus

    Gotta love them asset flips… Wise of them to hide the beta when people are playing mh rise.

  17. YUGINO

    That soundtrack is so annoying.

  18. Salem

    This is mobile game? sarcasm

  19. Thulsa Doom

    Actually looks fun. Reminds me of RE Outbreak from back in the PS2 days.

  20. FlowTactics

    Idk why people don't like this, looks like a cool spin off shooter.

  21. Sycogenesis

    Steparu OP

  22. André Bento

    I played only 3 matches but I had plenty of fun, I dont know why people are complaining so much.

  23. The Truth

    Is this out already and I just missed it? This looks pretty decent to just have fun and play

  24. LiuYe


  25. ׂ

    This honestly looks kinda fun, will definitely check out the OBT whenever it's up again. I think my main issue with this is that you know the playerbase will die off pretty fast, if not being dead on arrival, even with it being bundled with Village.

  26. Azz-Rushman

    The health pools are a joke, but the game itself is alright

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