Red Blood Online First Look Gameplay Sword X Gun Closed Beta 2

Here is a first look newbie gameplay. The game is Action Combat MMORPG. Combat seems to lean more towards Vindictus style with Tera skills. Will do a preview/review later this week on my site.

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  1. Gheorghiu Sorin

    1080p looks creepy in this game roflmao :)

  2. Deathandtheapple

    Animation seems a lot worse than Vindictus, probably b/c it wasn't motion capped like Vindictus was ;x

  3. Hantzie

    Way better than tab and click.

  4. starbreez3

    That dull animation, for fuck sake. These people don't know how to make games anymore?

  5. Jazneo Gaming

    it a action combat game

  6. JZ-/nuff sed


  7. Ben Llama

    The Birds remind me of the birds from Final Fantasy.

  8. NguyenDex1993

    not trying to hate but are all korean mmos made by like the same company?

  9. Greenapples

    It's a silly person's way of saying that it's an action based combat system.

    Just like the way if there are lots of hotkeys on an action bar it's WoW style and if it has 2D platforming elements then it's Maplestory style.

    There are genre names for a reason people! Use them!

  10. NeoRussia

    Looks like this one didn't even try to not seem like a complete TERA ripoff

  11. Will Lima

    Still a long way until e see a game better then TERA or dragon nest in combat.. maybe Bless if come with action combat..

  12. BaniBunny

    look at all the games that steparu can play… aint even mad bro :)

  13. Tony

    No mmo has action that can compete with Vindictus.

  14. EpicScavenger

    Jesus I wonder who will be the 1st ichigo

  15. challis2x4

    Kritika Online.

  16. Kenjataimu

    It's better than point and click in my opinion.

  17. Jeremiah S

    Vindictus is instanced based, for that reason think about comparisons before you make them. I don't give two shits about how good vindictus got its combat, instanced based games limit themselves sooooo much. Except the diablo esque ones. For me they get stale really quick. Dungeon fighter online did things right to but since the graphical style didn't appeal to many in NA it's now closing.

  18. Jake Woof

    The mobs are interesting. I love the designs. The gimmic of this game seems to be hitting more than a single target.

  19. JNH

    Excuse me, where is the "action" ? :X
    (lol @ the character's mov. speed ! Awful)

  20. RobertCow

    silkroad online 2 …

  21. Edwin Brew

    Really in my opinion the best kind of mmo's are the action based ones :3

  22. 7thAngel777

    Yeah there's alot of mmo's coming being teased and whatnot that're gonna give vindictus a run for it's money.Kritika is just one of those.

  23. Paks Kyo

    is this an instance dungeon/map ? or open world ?

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