Red Blood Online First Look Character Creation 1080p Closed Beta Test 2

CBT2 Early Look on Character Customization
I hope they make it fully customizeable the current premades are bad or I am just used to Blade & Soul models.

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  1. RaizenToguro

    You dirty little loli

  2. Mestre Bruno

    I wonder if the face of the female characters are starting modelad koreanas girls models?
    the female characters even though blondes, have faces with Asiatic features.

  3. Bedwyr


  4. Seld Grymore

    Blade and soul online ^^

  5. Fox Box

    BnS had NO customizing in CBT2, so this still shows some promise. We shall see!

  6. paulgalaxy08

    4:46 woah, Dante from DMC, is that you? lol

  7. Kaoru Sugimura

    ps4 maybe <.< ps3 is almost done the new console has already been announced for winter this year if they released an MMO on last gens hardware then they must not have high hopes for it. Then you have to think this is a korean title and it usually takes 1yr+ before we get the full game in the states or EU so it wouldn't be worth the effort if it was to the ps3.

  8. Kaoru Sugimura

    Phantasy star online 2 has to have the most in depth since you not only get the scale bar but also an alignment box (eyes, legs, arms, face, breast) so each character can be unique. BNS is still more fun though gameplay wise.

  9. FatKidCookie

    clicked for tits

  10. Hi There

    is bns blade & soul? i tried a private server and theres only presets available, how is that good character creation???

  11. Chaosknight40k

    I know this is really hard to understand, but…..private server content =/= official server content

  12. Zamorakia

    Did you make your own profile picture step?

  13. Zamorakia

    Why Is all the awesome games not understandable :(

  14. malsam4

    the private server is on cbt2 which didn't have the added customization only in cbt 3 they added it O n O

  15. Setonex

    What this game is look like? I dont know anything abut it? Something like CORE online?

  16. Xeranx

    what really sucks about this is that companies won't put in the effort for a game like here in the States unless it's subscription based.

  17. Arby800

    All theese fucking stupid names for mmorpgs these days… whats next? Yellow cheese?

  18. Marshall Lamar

    Guild Wars 2 in simply everything not just characters but story how its amde up the engine the possibilities just everything is worth every single penny u rly gotta go and get ur copy of that game jsut epic

  19. Stumpelwurz

    gender locked sucks !

  20. sickofitall89


  21. Marshall Lamar

    yes it is the majority of legit gameplayers who play mmorpgs say it is and i played it a long time and it clearly is and i tried so many games

  22. Eren Reina

    Aye.. agree

  23. TheGreatSeraphim

    2/10 what a horrible character creation. Even worse than Tera's. Look like every other fucking person.

  24. Stacia Anderson

    If you dont like games that make you look like other people try Aion it has awesome chracter creation

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