Red Blood More AoE Grinding Closed Beta

Review Finished please read it when you have time!

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  1. Sky Knight

    tell me a diference between this and other mmorpgs

  2. Unplayed

    you can chuck in potions at a 3s timer ? :)

  3. Joe Mladic

    this game looks 5 years old, the graphics are so bad.

  4. Ming Le

    no point-and-click

  5. Snow Blackfrost

    looks boring indeed no wonder you was gonna give up on it xD

  6. Chrises

    i quite can't understand why companies try to make such crappy games? Just to get some money from the players? Not sure if the development is so cheap in comparison to the income from microtransaction they'll get, which won't be that huge.

  7. hard mode

    steparu, sorry for being like a pain in the ass, but can i ask you if you could make in your reviews, when a game is not in english, a tutorial to download and make an account?cause is a shame to wait like 2 years or even the game never comes out in english and sometimes its really hard to make it when you dont get any words.

  8. Minorin

    Male character..? Obviously a fake Steparu. Reported.

  9. HyPerN0v4

    if you think about it , the ones that still play wow are the ones that started since their childhood … and panda lovers apparently ….

  10. Shame full

    Hey steparu how do a walk normally in BnS

  11. shadowsdmg

    maybe mostly but not all, see im brand new to WoW and been enjoying myself very much so actually =3

  12. Joe Mladic

    Yes I still think the graphics look really bad. Look at the textures, lightning, no AA they just added blur and bloom to make it look like its not a bad graphics game I don't see ppl choosing this game say over Neverwinter online and elder scrolls online and blade & soul online, and lots more better mmos to play.

  13. BboyByungGyu

    I was about to disagree with you…until I looked at the things more in depth…and realized oh…you can actually see base primitive shapes used to make things…usually most games these do good job hiding but…YOU CAN SEE SQUARES IN THE GROUND AND WALLS!!! For mmo, I think blade & soul has lead in graphics compared to Neverwinter and elder scrolls. Neverwinter has good, clean graphics but its not top notch. Blade&Soul really pushes the limit of graphics. Archeage has good graphics too.

  14. HyPerN0v4

    well there are exceptions .. xD

  15. Shame full

    oh and steparu what do u sue to record your gaming

  16. obosytu

    Dante`s style , i love it

  17. Bigus Dickus

    gameplay and graphs looks awsome!

  18. Defeatenonce

    how did you even enter Bns>?

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