Red Blood Mid Level Gameplay AoE Grinding in Forest Closed Beta

Review Finished please read it when you have time!

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  1. Lita Marian-Alin

    I like how the chat says ??????? :P

  2. ziggoverzaggs

    reminds me of phantasy star…not sure why though..

  3. hovsep56

    seems like she is not the only one confused why this game is so boring

  4. PangyaGamer

    Doesn't look that appealing.
    It looks really slow and kind of like a rip off of vindictus…What do you think steparu? >_<

  5. PangyaGamer

    Not vindictus, C9 actually.

  6. Huy Nguyễn Hoàng

    this game cant be in the same leagues with vindictus, maybe closer to C9. Vindictus animation is much more impressive !

  7. Jercouzen

    The UI screams Tera.

  8. Renkai Noctis

    Does your character ever stagger when getting hit? Just feels like everything is a sponge and just wants to hit you.
    It looks strange.

  9. Renkai Noctis

    I've only played vindictus, and only seen C9.
    This game looks like it is highly depended on whow many monsters your fighting at the same time(speed wise).. However there is no "launch monster in air, or u get smacked so hard u roll" or any of that, so it seems kinda akward. Not vindictus though, Neither C9- C9's combos are pretty unique.

  10. Renkai Noctis

    Don't compare games to other, specially when they are very different. Every MMO uses a hotkeybar(Ragnarok online/1/2). So before you judge on that, just look how it makes it different.
    Setups on the top left, ur basic map on the top right and ur normal spammy hotkeys on the bottom.

  11. Jercouzen

    lol, I won't even dignify that with a proper response.. just… lol.


    This looks like an open world mmo. Is not possible to do a fast-pacing-c9-combo-style-fight in an open world mmo, you would need a really big game for it. Group pvp in c9 is extremely messy as it is with 20 people, imagine an open world with hundreds of guys roaming around.

  13. Corpus Callosum

    omg.  such boring flat terrain in this game!

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