Rebellious Million Arthur Open Beta Knight Starting Gameplay

Netease just launched Rebellion Million Arthur in CN with JP voices.
Here is a short preview of the starting gameplay. MR dodge card? lol — Anime MMORPG — CCG — Mobile & PC -F2P

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Комментариев: 41
  1. Ryuuseii Rockman

    Idk…. MA failed twice..

  2. kenchan223

    Altria.. is that you? What are you doing here?

  3. Lap Todarf

    This looks like a shit game, why is this in my recommended ?

  4. Demanding Being

    Any news abt kurtpelz and avabel port?

  5. KagenoStream

    This intro is to good for that game XD

  6. Laen Sdrah

    Wish they would revive Kai ri sei million arthur in west with a better publisher this time. I might play this if and only if it gets an english release

  7. Blueblaze180

    Tbh I thought this was new characters to soul worker till I came to the video

  8. MarksMare

    Seem like a pretty decent game, i don't know if i got lucky or if it's guaranted but i got 2 rainbow card in both of my 11rolls.
    Got to lvl 26 but i can't seem to be able get more exp.
    Maybe there is an exp limit for each days.

  9. Gey Merr

    is this open world?

  10. Taya Tong

    rate is 12 % for rainbowssr 66 % for purple srand 22% for r…….weird rating

  11. renziye

    I hope that the another million arthur game have better gameplay than this…

  12. Another Ghost

    They didn't even try with these designs lmao

  13. J

    Steparu has anything changed from cbt when you played? A lot of people have given bad rating to this game on TapTap

  14. Hung Le

    haha Stepara :v seem to be the name has been taken :P

  15. xHopelessful

    Can't wait for JP version ~

  16. Namida

    Everyone has the same name 'arthur' or i will be dissapointed….

  17. TomoDaniel

    Today every game is a Mobile game

  18. 阿隆RYU

    Watched your gameplay i guess no thx not going play it

  19. Sarah2Cold

    so i guess it's just historically accurate that King Arthur was a woman now. i mean at this point it might as well be

  20. Elpaperino

    Oh hey Jeanne. What happened to Altoria?

  21. SkyVanisher

    Whoa hey that's Nana Mizuki singing the OP song

  22. GG Gaming

    Saber learnt unlimited blade works?

  23. Varessa Revanza

    I just… Feel bad to the original ones.

  24. Matteo


  25. Kei Esper

    Does anyone happen to know what music is played on this games website?

  26. Zack Wedker

    1:31 WTF Ciel ?

  27. 小E

    im playing this also but the lags and delays are killing me TT

  28. Delta658

    How do you play on the pc? It doesnt let me

  29. ong boon chuang

    That knuckle boy sound like Natsu from fairy tail.

  30. KUN

    coming to global in 2098

  31. CaoLongLC HD

    how to login Rebellious Million Arthur in PC?

  32. matt thomas

    i stopped watching this channel when most of the content was shit mobile games. go back to pc guys.

  33. Harry Garcia

    Is this fate series? I just saw UBW and arthuria?

  34. Lynard Skynard

    A game to surpass Honkai Impact 3. Not enough, I think.

  35. Ozrealix

    Anyone else playing in server number 3? Need active members for the guild… And as teammates since it's kinda difficult talking with Chinese to other Chinese people xD

  36. Adha Subhana

    Mobile game?

  37. AsumiAlice

    What country is this game in?
    Is it in Malaysia??

  38. Fahmi Tajjuddin

    that not arthur,that jeane d arc

  39. Attis Rebirth

    Hope this get's a west release.

  40. fleija

    When theyre gonna release english version?

  41. The Creator


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