Ragnarok Origin Kite or Die First Party Dungeon Deaths

The first PvE Dungeon in Ragnarok Origin what a mess~! I suppose you really do need a Healer for these dungeons or else you’re gonna have a hard time. Run awayyyy and Kite things~ I’ll post some gameplay of my Hunter later. The Stamina system prevents players from grinding crazy.

Game Name: Ragnarok Origin
Status: Released
Platform: Mobile
Other Names: Ragnarok Love at First Sight, Ragnarok Tencent

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  1. Lou Gomez

    First. But damn, another Ragnarok game lol

  2. Emunk Danoti


  3. fabian hadinata

    goddamn, they really love to milk the RO franchise aren't they?………………….*sigh*

  4. Randomist

    i think I'm gonna need to learn korean.

  5. ryuno2097

    It' s good that you need healers for dungeons, that makes the game fun. Else you'd just be steamrolling through the dungeon. Plus I love being a healer/support, I hope i will enjoy this game when it releases for global.

  6. Nightmare

    The bunnies look funny

  7. Sana ShaShaSha

    why i cant patch my game?

  8. RagnarokMaster

    Interesting…I might need to get a VPN to play. I always enjoy some Ragnarok Online

  9. Miguel Olmedo

    Lol, i see a bit or game your icons simulator

  10. clolton

    are merchants finally useful in combat?! i spy new skill for thief :O

  11. Askariot I

    Hey Steparu! What emulator are u using?

  12. Soonie Mini

    i love it!!!

  13. BP_Jennie

    You're playing on pc? What's the name of the emulator pls

  14. Wronglo

    Are you playing on an Emulator?

  15. Nanbopally

    They just shit down Ragnarok 2 online. This is they no effort garbage cash machine , since it's mobile it'll sell. Rip franchise.

  16. Ovan TriEdge

    Your Still the best youtuber. Thank you fam 😎👍

  17. Willy POV

    Hey Steparu! Can you progress and do MVP well as a healer with a NPC party of damage dealers? Would be great to see this game footage from a full supporter perspective. Thanks~

  18. syramore Chan

    how u play in korean language?

  19. Neko Gaming

    is this room base or open world ?

  20. Anime Planet

    subscribe me too

  21. PAL-ABOY dreamventures

    Can you recommend a free or paid vpn to be able to download and play this guys, im in LA usa and cant see it in appstore.

  22. HF Alex

    gaming degradation

  23. Gameplay Diaries

    1 of a millions ragnarok exist haha that's why I don't play any ragnarok,
    Idk what's the problem they know how to make games but they don't know to make own game name.
    Solute to COM2US

  24. x Palkia

    Any chances this would be released in global?

  25. Lenz C

    They really should have made this one for PC

  26. IgorKugan

    what is the best emulator to play this game?

  27. Soracj

    i love these kinds of character models & style

  28. Miki

    any plans for english release?

  29. John Dela Cruz

    more RO Origin video please… ^_^

  30. Here Comes Ejdss

    Is there a tap to move feature in this game? Coz i really hate tap to move in eternal love

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