Ragnarok Origin Doppelganger Dungeon and Helheim Nightmare Sewers

I’m enjoying this game a lot. The dungeons are tons of fun can become a bit challenging with occasional party wipes here and there. I like this version way better than Eternal Love. I ended up spending money on this game for some cosmetic swag and other things~ no regrets.

Game Name: Ragnarok Origin
Status: Released
Platform: Mobile
Other Names: Ragnarok Love at First Sight, Ragnarok Tencent

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  1. ryuno2097

    I had to look up the gameplay RO Eternal love (because I forgot about that game). I can say Eternal love is more of the traditional Auto play/loot style of game.

    Where as RO Origin has that Auto play system at least when you control your character it feels like you are making a difference. Plus I love the dungeon system, makes having a party mean something.

    I can't wait for the game to come to global. Gonna play a priest for sure.

  2. DyeSeaTwo XYZ

    What size is it

  3. Nightmare

    Nice vid , what emulator you use? Or wich one you recommend? (If it has 3 billion adds it would be good info too 😂)

  4. audie cruz

    love the newer version <3

  5. Allison

    gameplay look nice

  6. Kev Ted

    Is this RO pay to win like Eternal Love? I mean, items that can boost your stat and only can be bought with cash. It will ruin everything, like Eternal Love.

    But I agree with you, this version looks more fun, the graphic looks better either than Eternal Love. Hope it comes to SEA soon. Without being pay to win, of course.

  7. Tora GuuMoonRyoung

    This is ragnarok? I thought it was another generic mobile game made with the same engine as Tree of Savior….

  8. Youtubɛ

    Steparu are you looking forward to V4 and Aozora no Xipuria?

  9. wubblex

    what is the priest gear needed since they can heal 2k sanc?

  10. clolton

    it even has build loadouts?!

  11. Manjuu of Patience

    hey steparu will you do a video of some secret quests in this game?

  12. HiImJey

    How p2w is this?

  13. MavC

    Fuck i wish they would do better in minimizing UI.. this is certainly a ton of improvement vs eternal love but i feel they could optimize it more so we see it less

  14. Raytsun

    Any info on when this is going global / eu ? also does this have the same stamina system whereas you can't play after a certain amount of time bc exp / loot becomes 0?

  15. Akihiro Aki

    Tencent is dumb if not releasing this game outside korea.

    The control really responsive compare to Eternal Love clunky & heavy movement, heck! you can even choose to play manually without the auto feature and still have fun with it since the control are really and i'm mean REALLY good.

  16. Huitzilo
  17. mko

    hey Steparu, I DLed the RO Origin through Tap Tap and installed everything in Nox.
    When I start the game, it won't start updating. It says, "Not Responding."
    How do I update the game?

  18. Dunyazade Escrita

    add me steparu!! >.< Why you can use Roman letter as your name. I put random. My bad coz cant read hangeul letter

  19. Takeru

    How did u make ur intro

  20. monoside07

    I love the dungeon system like this, im down for this kind of pve content. Considering this is mobile game I just hope its no too p2w, the RMT on rom are out of control.

  21. Jianto

    Think i'll enjoy this more than eternal love

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