Ragnarok Origin Cosmetics and Accessories Preview

A lengthy preview of all the current fashion items along with the female character customization preview. Which accessories do you like the best or brings back nostalgic memories?

Game Name: Ragnarok Origin
Status: 2nd CBT
Platform: Mobile
Other Names: Ragnarok Love at First Sight, Ragnarok Tencent

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Комментариев: 16
  1. Mudfish M


  2. Vel Sync

    WTH is this

  3. Leon Denizard

    Guys, just to remember:
    RO Origin = Love at First Sight (Tencent)

  4. Raydeus

    Is it just me or the sound is extremely low in this video? The stats say 100%/100% Normalized but content loudness says -23.2 dB which is ridiculous.

  5. Mupy Nekokan

    This is not Ragnarok Online, unfortunately is a
    licensed generic game.

  6. Youtubɛ

    spiritual successor to MapleStory 2?

  7. Jarrod Salas

    Huh the facial expression when doing some of the move emoticon dont even change.

  8. Андрей Бусыгин

    Give us a remake of Ragnarok Online for your computer on this engine, with the mechanics of the classic Ragnarok online!!!

  9. Haseo

    the payon soundtrack is giving me nostalgia

  10. Rebellion Bloodshed


  11. Droty

    stop giving me hope… T.T

  12. Emunk Danoti

    Cute Stepara 😘❤️

  13. Crls

    Sigh 2020 already. RO classic era already over, moveon from your private server gameplay already.
    This game is actually so GOOD so many things to do the only downside is language ofc.

  14. Roan

    This is not Ragnarok if it doesn't have bunny band

  15. Nightmare

    0:03 the face of death

  16. l3abi


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