Ragnarok Online Mobile Tencent Maya Fun Dungeon Boss Fight

First time doing this dungeon and fighting the non-MVP Maya.
I think it’s neat that they’re adding some dungeon mechanics.
http://ro.qq.com/ — Mobile — Closed Beta — Cute MMORPG

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Комментариев: 45

    The Gameplay reminds me of Tree of Savior, this is 10 times better than EL

  2. Sena Rayzen

    Its so cool.. graphic is awesome. I want to play this. Htw your hammer fall lack of damage tho. Lmao

  3. atila atila

    this is amazing, i watching your video since TOS and now RO

  4. Vespo CHOCO

    How to download game

  5. km SB

    Tencent games= P2P

  6. Aiss

    Tencent version look simple and detail

  7. kunehO912

    how big is the storage required for this version. and where to download?

  8. Akbar Maulana

    This not RO, more like DNM. Yikes ROM is more better and look real instead of their Graphic Quality

  9. Just Benjie

    This is dungeon based game?
    Where's the originality?
    ROMEL still better than this one !

  10. PonkieWonkie

    Lol @ people hating on instance and boss mechanics. There are open field MVPs too if you want to feel the old RO.
    Instance is always better, exclusive for your group and no assholes trying to steal your boss and whatever BM they can do. 5-6mins? That's nothing. Try a 15 minute raid boss on WoW.
    This is what I wish they add in Eternal Love because people are douchebags.

  11. Mark Gumayao

    Dragon nest gameplay yuck…

  12. SiberianHaska

    Na. Eternal love better

  13. Eren Kazuto

    I'll stick with RO el

  14. Ser Bonkers

    Looked like ragnarok 2. It sucked.

  15. Vollends Ez

    Yeah better version, but i feel more it will be more tire to play this

  16. Sazoku

    Step, how do I play this?

  17. 孫kenz

    nice tencent ro

  18. Shi Lee

    this game is so cool

  19. Omegmeg Gaming

    holy shit the gameplay and graphics is so good.. man if they release SEA server i might quit and give up my account on Ragnarok Eternal Love..

  20. Lost

    looks fun, hopefully they dont make easy mvp that can be solo with almost every job, and make some mvp become aggresive like the old one

  21. Chaoxytal

    Visually, this is how my mind remembers iRO, even though it couldn't be further from the truth lol. This legitimately looks fucking gorgeous. Guessing NA will never see it. :(

  22. Terex Dae Alforque

    how to download game?

  23. kuristofa c

    Better than eternal love

  24. John Paul Florencio

    Graphics are much better than Eternal love. But it feels like Ragnarok 2 way back then.

  25. Semeru zidan

    Seems like dragon nest, damn…

  26. Kevin Dela Cruz

    better than ragna m eternal love

  27. Exel Setyadi

    Welcome to the ragnarok nest mobile version haha.. But it's okay

  28. Luqmanul Hakim

    Where assasin? Still no have party in this game ??

  29. Gonzalo Gantus

    can i use my normal Ro mobile account on tenccent's ro mobile?

  30. donlod_tonku

    This looks like RO2 but mobile. Which is good if you prefer RO2 style but for me that love RO > RO2, the Eternal Love is better at least in term of feels.

  31. eR SetyaHerlana

    in my opinion, one and only best part of this game is damage, no 1 pouch man again, no over power damage except monk class with ashura
    seem like ro clasic version

  32. Generoso Marqueses Jr.

    pretty much like DNM to me…. definitely gonna stay on eternal love…

  33. Hendrik Setyawan

    wow.. That graphic so cool 60fps

  34. Mobile Players

    It's coming soon on their website meaning open beta. I can't wait to try out sea then global.

  35. Mister GodLike

    Wakakaka jdi kek mobalog ML

  36. Diego Lindenmeyer

    so, it looked like a normal mmo raid … meh

  37. takaa e

    Wtf this is like RO2 Mobile..

  38. Frank Coley

    I'll take this over E-Love version any day! Why? Because boss system shouldn't be a pay to win and solo kill EVER a boss is a fucking boss.

    The fact that it's possible to solo any MVP and to not get any drops or opportunities for drops for hours … for another guy or same guy to come and kill it again?

    Fuck that I'll take this dungeon system please thank you. Plus this looks more challenging, bosses are supposed to be challenging. X.D and E-Love … it's like looking at Ragnarok and taking the BAD elements from the new iRO and making it into a P2W game. Having RO with a different spin, but same mechanisms of Classic is what this game NEEDED!

    I Play E-Love, but I don't even need to play it… I'm rewarded for not playing it, I could buy Zeny and never need to kill an MvP… and For what? 10k dollars just to solo an MVP … ummm k?

  39. Jowel Baricaua

    Long and easy boss fighting

  40. Rafael Baia

    Fantástico esse rag parece melhor q o da bigcat, alguem sabe quando chega Brasil?

  41. Tobey mcHades

    Does this game doesn't have runes like on eternal love? It's too balanced for the dmg just like old ro

  42. some random fat guy.

    When it's commmmmmmingggggggg grreeeeeee I'm tired of waiting

  43. ND Barsikulo

    When will it be released here in Philippines?

  44. Mark Angelo Dimalibot

    Is alchemist available?

  45. mi ka el

    Does the element weakness works in this version?

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