Ragnarok Online Mobile Tencent Boss Battles CBT

Having some fun with boss fights, the Doppelganger boss was hard.
I’ll post a video of the Stylist, Cosmetics, and Headgear this week.
http://ro.qq.com/ — Mobile — Closed Beta — Cute MMORPG — CBT Full

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  1. Dranoc

    Best pvp class so far?

  2. FreedomSylph

    this makes ragnarok closer to that of WoW or FF XIV

  3. phoenix o

    idk the game like another borring mmorpg with ragnarok style ertenal love is better but i will give a try

  4. Yasuo The Unforgiven

    When releas…

  5. TheCatnfused

    Now i dont wanna play eternal love anymore

  6. Fiko Senjaya

    step, is it really p2w??

  7. PGI Naeem Idris

    rad graphics. what do u think s the phone he is using?

  8. DeeJay Bluetooth

    Does this also have the adventure book something like in Eternal Love?

  9. Vexcarius

    I'm praying to all kinds of Religious Gods that they might someday make a PC version of this.

  10. Nar

    Jesus I can already feeĺ my phone heating up like a MF

  11. D & A

    Gk pengen pake character cewe, tapi grafik nya bagus disni 😂

  12. The Silencer

    lol.. the eternal love guys collaborated with tencent to make this game because they never expected eternal love to be this successful .. now they made a parasitic game that will either steal players from Eternal M or wont get much because of eternal M

  13. Julian Silva

    This game is definitely 10x better than RO — Eternal love.

  14. Dennis Kananda

    I'll definitely play this game ☺☺☺☺☺

  15. Arno CH

    Kill MvP without knight/paladin (tanker)?? 🤔🤔

  16. Yvonne Bong

    Why is this in mobile version? They could have released this in Pc version and mobile version both.

  17. Kurt Ronald Esteban

    Is there a translation pack for English available for this game?

  18. Ayashii Kaze

    This looks more like the old times. I dont mind quitting eternal love when tencent releases a global version

  19. Shinici

    i hope this game get global release…

  20. Dmitrij Prihodjko

    Is this game beeing released in Europe ?

  21. Rojo Reyes

    Art style and animation a little bit childish and the character, boss, mobs sizes are inconsistent sometimes… remove the dungeon thing make it just like the original don't be like dragonest… just my opinion

  22. Arzahar Jafri

    Y oh y not global release yet?? Damn it. I want to play in this version of RO.

  23. Viral Potato

    the damage cap makes it boring,.. increase it slightly like when you hit lvl 60 you can inflict 1k to 2k dps to mobs

  24. Pipo Pii

    I'm more interested in the MVP hunt in Tencents ROM. Rom:ELs MVP got too easy for everyone. Some even 1 hit MVPs, that's just lame.

  25. Sirkrodz

    Is this open world with dungeon based? Like ELs ET, RIFT and VR?

  26. Nic G

    For those who have questions:
    1) Is this all only instanced dungeons?
    — No, it has both map fields and instanced dungeons. Field MvPs are still available as they were on PC (They are more difficult than ROM). You will be pleased to find that towns and many of the fields feel much like the original game.
    2) Does it play like the Ragnarok PC?
    — It is similar. mechanics, active dodging for AoE's (Much like you dodged for Meteor Storm or Storm Gust. You can spam skills like double strafe, unlike ROM where you need to wait for it to come off CD. Casting skills feels just as good as it did on the PC version.
    3) Is there auto?
    — Yes there is, only in the fields not in dungeons. In dungeons, MvP's and PvP you will need to play manual (as expected)
    4) Does it run smooth?
    — Compared to ROM it runs much smoother, camera angles feel nice and overall it is closer to the PC experience.
    5) How does the system feel compared to ROM?
    — Very very similar in UI. Movement wise it does feel more responsive, especially when it comes to skills.

    Which one should you choose?
    — Try them both out and play the one that feels right for you. They both have unique things about them. :) Ragnarok is supposed to bring players together!

  27. Dee

    Apparently there is a free gifting…that seems concerning.

  28. Dee

    This UI looks wayy more clean.

  29. Quell Dieu

    RO XD is boring compared to this, u just stand and wait for mvps to die lol.. RO tencent is waaaay more better. would b much better if they just made it into an action game rather than just rpg but hey its still beats RO XD

  30. Phoenix Unity

    Not mobile. You're using a fuckin mouse.

  31. fintz waltstein

    there are two types of boss battle right? the open one (like the original ro) and the dungeon type (like dragon nest)?

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