Ragnarok Online Eternal Love — English Patch — Drake — Magnus Exorcismus — Mobile

Testing the English Patch — http://www.roguard.net/english-patch/
Tons of stuff translated like Skills, Quests, Items, Menu, Etc.
It’s not a full translation, but good enough for new players.

Other Useful Links
https://www.facebook.com/CloRagnarok/ — Good RO Info
http://ro.xd.com/ — Official Site — Android — iOS — PC (Emu)

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  1. migero

    u play this on android emulator ? or is this mirror from real?

  2. Dude Why

    Steparu what about iOS :(

  3. Johnathan Lim

    How do you manage play it at 60fps? So smooth

  4. Alvin Ong

    are u using ur tablet or ur emulator for this video?

  5. Aaron Solomon

    what class is that?

  6. Paulius Fu

    PC specs?

  7. ToutengHawj

    3:06 Hey !! Do you kill nightmare to drop infiltrator ? <3

  8. CanduGame

    what app you use step

  9. LeSean Payne

    Thanks step! I'm trying to get a group together in RO Mobile right now, I think you just made it a ton easier!

  10. Kwatro Bente

    Do you have a guide in making a FS? Leveling and Skill , Stat and Equip build? Thanks

  11. Jacoby Sloan

    how do you get a english patch for a mobile game?

  12. theodorus brian

    how to download RO ?
    can u share your apk?

  13. Yne Cö

    Drake just isn't himself without barrage of water ball

  14. Fernanlio Kuo

    What stat you build

  15. Mhert dela Cruz

    The one that I have been looking for. ENGLISH version. Thanks mate gotta give it a try

  16. wis wis

    Which client should i pick?
    KR, CN or TW? I mean the one with most English player.

  17. Wibisono Antonius Lie

    Hey steparu, what is ur stats for priest, what do you raise? Int vit dex/luk? By how much? Thanks

  18. Hansss


  19. Nadia Cole

    What is the full size of this game?

  20. Ultimate

    That is Chinese RO. Korean RO is coming

  21. Davo

    Are the loots shared when you kill the boss?

  22. PGI Naeem Idris

    blue gems on magnus and safety wall? i think your zenny that you earn is spent on buying blue gems.. cost is greater than your gain lol

  23. Rollin Fernandez

    Do you use the card mistress?

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