Ragnarok Mobile Tencent Ver. MVP Boss Fights

Here is a preview of some of the lower level field MvP Bosses.
I really liked how they were so tanky like the original version XD.
http://ro.qq.com/ — Mobile — Closed Beta — Cute MMORPG — CBT End

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  1. Arif Solihin

    For all Eternal Love FanBoys

    This is what Ragnarok MVP Boss hunt should be

    No More stupid over damage that can kill mvp in seconds

    Not a stupid easy mvp on eternal love when someone can kill all MVP Solo in less than 30 seconds….

  2. jrlTV

    how to download in ios

  3. โป เต้


  4. aiman farhan

    It just like dragon nest ..cool

  5. louie pascual

    Is this comes with so many server? Or just like ROM eternal with just one

  6. Blue Kalamari

    Is this stamina based like eternal love or unli grinding?

  7. Tiến Phát Đinh

    Look great, like a pc game, yes….how the fuck you can buff a MOBILE game look like a PC game ??? What happen if someone play on phone instead emulator ?
    Also aoe skill range are tooooooo large, yeah, that make you look powerful and have an easy like but compare to eternal love, which make your aoe skill range very small, this ones look meh…..
    The only good thing in this mvp fight clip is the boss tankier and stronger, that's what eternal love version need now

  8. Dee

    Holy shite…should I not even play the Eternal Love version right now?

  9. Marlan Zyrwolf

    Wow. I play healer in ROM and the healing here looks like it can top up the Knight's HP so fast. ROM heals are tiny for Swordie classes. =(

  10. 3200 takurou


  11. 死神Yujirō

    cant wait for this version of ro mobile this looks way better than eternal love

  12. 死神Yujirō

    question how do you always get mvp with blacksmith? isnt knight does more damage than you?

  13. Mr H20

    ROM E dead game already whahah . most of people already stop playing . what u guy expect its a mobile game people only play it 4-6 month then they all wil quit . this game will also follow the ROM E . dead after a few month whahah

  14. darwin mac

    Lol, grinding much harder? And do they have trade system? If yes then it will die fast.

  15. Transyah Brama Adham

    What op job in here? In rom lk so op can kill all mvp LOL

  16. Dennison Cruz

    When are they going to release this in Sea/Global?

  17. Choong Kung Seng

    This is poring island.. similar with classic ro… damn.. ro mobile sea piring island suck..

  18. mi ka el

    Soul strike is sooooo slooooow in here

  19. Bernie Fajardo

    cant wait to try this one SEA/Global launch… im still not sure about the skill animations tho, looks well animated that I cant see the boss or the other characters

  20. I WontBeChanged

    Is there trade system here? Like an actual trade

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