Ragnarok Eternal Love — Glast Heim Update — Short Gameplay

Just checking out the new update. Ahhh the nostalgia.
I used to live in this place in the original version.
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Комментариев: 20
  1. DANZi

    RAGNAROK ETERNAL LOVE ? never heard of this version but it looks awesome

  2. Mightor

    How do I play this from my ipad? US is blocked

  3. Moby Trice

    oh man.. Is there an english version yet?

  4. Dream Is Fun

    step is that npc ur holding is it from quest?

  5. Granpa Sugoroku Mutou

    wai… WTF!?
    what kind of damage is that? LOL
    are ya a GM or whut? LOL
    even i whose lv.80 cant give that kind of damage to a monster XD

  6. azure98

    Oh jesus the sound overlap when hitting multiple enemies hurts my ears…
    Still its great to see a Ragnarok game thats more faithful to Ragnarok Online than that child under the staircase we should never talk about (RO2)

  7. Alvin Ong

    step, can i know what do you use to record? is it emulator or your tablet? is so smooth :)

  8. Nykusu

    Ok so if Isis still has no bra in this RO version, why does Injustice need pants then? <_<

  9. Nienor

    oh man, when I was a kid I was so scared of this place

  10. jedahaw

    Aqua would be proud of you.

  11. Chibo da Gaita

    how do i play it? i use nox for emulating mobile games on pc. i can't download in your link

  12. Aluka Gozen

    Can i play this on PC?

  13. Granpa Sugoroku Mutou

    step, were and wich npc location that can service that npc partner?

  14. VividLane

    So I was wondering, how does this version compare to the original? Is it getting the same content, classes, locations, skills, etc. or is it just a hugely dumbed down inatallment?

  15. kevin ricahuerta

    where can I download this Ragnarok, what Ragnarok is this

  16. Esther Drmz

    hi steparu~ im from malaysia, i tried to download it but it said its not available in my country, is there any way to download it for pc? thanks.

  17. Nicho

    Steparu i really want to know how to set up your ragnarok mobile to be as smooth as this, im running gtx1080 as well and kabylake i7-770k processor but nowhere near your gameplay.

  18. Dream Is Fun

    how to go GH?

  19. Wabutan


  20. Furjen F.

    where I can download that game? cant find anywhere//

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