Ragnania HD PC STEAM RAW Starting Gameplay — Characters Preview — Anime Battle Arena

Originally a Mobile game ported over to PC along with HD textures.
Before you DL, Multiplayer is unplayable for Foreigners 15s delay.
You can play Story mode Against BOTS, if you feel like trying it~!

Steam Page
Chinese VPN required to ADD to the Steam Library.
After you ADD it to your games, you can OFF VPN DL and play.

Waifu Battle Arena — Free — Team Battles — Solo or Multiplayer
Cash Shop — Anime Chicks — PC

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  1. Ming San

    Oh yeaahh yeah

  2. D. Pedro II

    She have too much cloth on

  3. Sendagaya Yukimiou

    Wow i hope they will release full english cuz until then no one will play with the game cuz people's always be like that. Looks insane! Great video as always.

  4. Hard Rock

    another shit like soul workers with wooden engine >.>

  5. Sentinel


  6. Ricardo Batistela

    Wow she seems like Seth

  7. Worldchaos

    Unlimited Ragnania Works?

  8. Hung Le

    Despite the waifu and cute graphic … im feeling sleepy with the gameplay 😚

  9. ximo yu

    cant see it on steam. do you need a vpn just to view it as well? any idea on english release?

  10. Skyrah1

    In today's video: Saber has twintails.

  11. Milk Candy

    " Multiplayer is unplayable for Foreigners 15s delay." LOL XD

  12. futatsuki92

    Choose one

    Ragnania or VGAME?

  13. Xaume

    The gameplay looks nice. Why don't we have any of this in the West?

  14. RageGoria

    Aw shite as a veteran gundam exvs player, i really need to try this out

  15. Mercenary128

    Blond loli is my fav

  16. President Majima S. Based

    As soon I read mobile this got a yikes for me.

  17. Yang Shane

    looks fun

  18. fahmi ibrahim

    Feels like honkai impact 3

  19. FantasyY Anime

    Same like honkai and dolls order

  20. 128 PeterChan

    Mobile game Mobile game Mobile game Mobile game Mobile game . I hate mobile game, the UI look the same for "Honkai Impact 3 " especially the three star stuff in up left corner. Can anyone suggest a mobile that doesn't waste time in cultivating a character and waste $ on summon things? All I have know is only some of the mobile music game can fit and unleash the feature for the portable electronic devices. Other is like rubbish and harvesting your $.

  21. Yasushi Akamatsu

    It's similar to Cosmic Break

  22. zaph

    that pause after landing tho

  23. WaffleSSSSSPLUS

    the gameplay looks similar that that square einx shooter that failed gunslinger stratos

  24. YES MAN

    Another region locked shit?

  25. Chrisna Aditya

    Site Error, am I the only one who got that message ?

  26. bass gx

    Let me guess, every character is a lesbian then? If so, then fuck no I'm not playing.

  27. Christopher Diaz

    what vpn can be use to download the game i already try with many's and still cant get in it says
    This item is currently unavailable in your region

  28. Loathe396

    hope this comes to NA

  29. Soracj

    Why on steam…

  30. Carter Ortilano

    Only 1 boys

  31. Qynx [GD]

    What vpn i need?, i tried with softether and i cant

  32. ChaosMissile

    9:43 — freaking Higrashi song

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