Purgatory or Limbo? An Eerie Zone in Swords of Legends Online

Only a short video due to my low-level, not enough active skills.
I like this place. A soothing yet eerie looking area and BGM.
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Комментариев: 25
  1. Jordan Ambridge

    Real nice ambience. Reminds me of a Female guts from berserk aswell.

  2. niizzy a

    I want to play this so badly ):

  3. Uros Stanojlovic

    this game is beautiful

  4. Vyacheslav Dvuchertogov

    Steparu, write a link to the download BGM please, I will be very grateful! Ну очень прошу :)

  5. Paulo Filho

    any chance of a western release?

  6. ◀A.G.E▶

    mmm…..Steparu Sama, I always wanted to ask you how many hours you play daily?

  7. Dandy Dude

    during the first long charge attack i was expecting you to cleave the world in two with an heavy metallic, earth shattering

    sound to accompany the hit.

    all i got was rather underwhelming. way to make it unsatisfying to hit shit but the area and bgm is nice.

  8. Deadly Kitten

    seriously and honestly,, why is your community so cynical and toxic, you think with something to do with age or general iq of the demograghic?

  9. AkumaFatalis

    beutiful, it's like tera? game combat? true action¿

  10. Ferrick

    That thing was too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy, and too rough, it was more like a large hunk of iron

  11. BygPhattyPlus

    Holy frak, that place looks awesome!

  12. Dennis

    So many games I want to try out that we dont have yet… a lot of them we will never get released here probably.

  13. Tiny

    IS it using the moonlight blade engine, steparururururu?

  14. Happy F

    mutes video
    plays blood and guts Hngh
    plays Ash Crow YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEES!

  15. tetsmega

    lmao you are using the Dragonslayer.

  16. Louie Verr Torreon

    The environment really captures an ambience, hoping it has a great optimization which is easy to run it at max settings 1080p.

  17. Sage Pirotess

    LOL I play most Steparu post. Just teach English a year overseas. Get a Arc, and phone. They last for life.

  18. Toan Nguyen

    Steparu, can you create a guide for us english speakers on how to register for CBT?

  19. Scellow Dev

    Nice ambiance and combat system, but what i'm afraid of is questing, i hope it is not linear and boring
    is it theme park or sandbox game ?

  20. Bunndog

    Steparu senpai please notice me!
    Btw is there any west release news or an English translation file in the works?

  21. DireConsenquences

    purgatory/limbo isn't a thing in Chinese religion. Spirit world, maybe.

  22. David Wayne

    white game live in 2017 bgm live in 3017

  23. Veldanava

    Where do you live to be able to play Japanese, Korean, and Chinese games and have low ping? I live in the philippines (and I have 20Mb/s fiber internet) and that's right below both China and Japan but I still get about 200-400 ping in those games which makes it really hard to jump or sprint on water properly in Chinese mmos. :O

  24. NerroEX TV

    This looks like itll be the first korean or chinese (eastern) MMO ill really get into <3

  25. All Seeing Jona

    I want to play this!!! Also Monster Hunter Online, and BDO.

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